Inflatabull £32 (was £56) @ Tesco Outlet on eBay

Why have a boring lilo when you can ride a rodeo bull in the pool?
Inflatabull £32 (was £56) @ Tesco Outlet on eBay

We know that a giant inflatable is a pool essential in the summer, but this is something else! The Inflatabull lets you test your rodeo skills in the pool, and it's on offer for just £32 with free delivery in the Tesco Outlet store on eBay

The Intex Inflatabull is designed for adults and children aged 9 or over, and it looks like a super fun game to play with friends or family.

You just climb on the bull's back and hold onto the handle, as your friends each grab their own handle on the outer ring and try to shake you off!

It has 3 air chambers and 5 heavy duty handles, with an outer ring for added safety and balance.

This was originally selling for £60 when it was for sale on the old Tesco Direct site, then dropped to £56, so at £32 with free home delivery it's a bit of a bargain.

Intex Inflatabull Rodeo Bucking Bronco Swimming Pool Float

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Reply to
  • Becky E.

    We need this for in the hot tub :joy:xx

    • Jane S.

      Now that looks like fun xx

      • Lauren H.

        I wouldn't even be able to get on it in the first place :joy::joy::joy: was tragic in Crete with the unicorn one we had :joy:

        • Toni P.

          :joy::joy::joy: incredi-bull

          • Nikki P.

            That would be the best £36 I’ll ever spend :joy::joy::joy:

            • Amy C.

              Oh wow! Now we just need the bliddy flights to come out! X

              • Lacey M.

                Would deffo of got this lol x

                • Lauren J.

                  half price now! :joy::joy::joy:

                  • Chloe S.

                    we need to get this!! Who needs slides?!

                    • Donna J.

                      .... shall we??? Bagsy no blowing it up though:joy:

                      • Nicola C.

                        it’s half price now lol :joy: x

                        • Ashleigh C.

                          :joy::joy: chances of me even getting a shot :rolling_eyes:

                          • Stephanie M.

                            Should have had this in Ibiza :joy::joy: instead of the ship we had

                            • Stephen D.

                              Aye let’s get it for a laugh. It’s a good way to make pals :joy:

                              • Bev T.

                                I don’t think our pool is big enough. The kids would love it though xx

                                • Jenni D.

                                  Inflatabull!!! Love it!

                                  • Jeff S.

                                    We’re gonna need a bigger pool!

                                    • Laraine D.

                                      Wonder if this would fit in my hot tub :thinking:

                                      • Hayley S.

                                        Excellent, the kids would love it :laughing: xx

                                        • Dee P.

                                          Hahahaha love it, next holiday! Xx