House Of Marley Headphones From £6.99 (was £29.99) @ Amazon

House Of Marley Headphones From £6.99

After some headphones? These House of Marley ones are a bargain from Amazon. They are reduced from £29.99 and prices are now from £6.99. Ideal for teenagers, or for listening to some tunes yourself.

Here are the House of Marley Headphones that are reduced:

These House of Marley Headphones seem like good value, and have great reviews on Amazon and other sites too.

They can plug into phones, Tablets, MP3 players, and other audio players.

Amazon Prime members can have the House of Marley Headphones delivered for FREE, or those of you spending £20+.


  • Tracey D.

    Has anyone bought these for younger kids.... Before I leave home listening to you tubes surprise egg videos and Ryan's toy reviews

    • PlayPennies

      I have them for my kids and they're 4 and 8, it saves me having to listen to Minecraft and Mario constantly :)

    • Tracey D.

      PlayPennies thanks I'm off to order some to give my tinitus a rest xx

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