GHD Deals @ Amazon

Oh JOY!  Oh RAPTURE! Amazon have some fabulous deals on GHD hair straighteners just now, which means I can replace my pair that blew up whilst I was at home in South Africa in September.

I have to tell you, just as an aside, they are three times more expensive there which is why I didn't replace them there and then and have been waiting patiently for some GHD deals ever since.

I have very curly hair - I hate it, everyone else loves it.  I've been straightening it for years but came a bit late to the GHD party - my reasoning was that surely all straighteners were created equal and I was paying way over the odds just for the GHD name..?

I only discovered how wrong I was when I finally bit the bullet and bought a pair to discover, once and for all, what all the fuss was about.

My hair looked fabulous after using them, it took me half the time to straighten it and it stayed straight for longer - this is starting to sound more like a review now, sorry - so if you've been umming and ahhhing about whether or not to invest in a pair of GHDs, I can strongly recommend you go for it!

Your hair will thank you, you can thank ME later and they'll last you a long time too - my GHDs that blew up were over nine years old; amazing.

Prices start at £79 for the 'original' GHDs which have been reduced from £99, other limited editions and various models are included in the GHDs sale too.

Thanks to Mikethemanc at HUKD

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