Genuine Dinosaur Fossil Party Bags (10) £5.99 @ Amazon

Now, this set of 10 genuine dinosaur fossil party bags, complete with certificate of authenticity  is either going to send you rushing to Amazon in delight, because they're exactly what you've been looking for, OR you're going to be totally nonplussed and will click away....a-n-y second now.

If these genuine dinosaur fossil party bags are exactly what you've been looking for then you'll have a child, who's got a birthday coming up, and is MAD about prehistoric beasties.

My youngest son is going through a dinosaur phase as he's been learning about them at school, he'd be beside himself with excitement at having REAL dinosaur fossils to give away to his friends at his birthday party (and keep one for himself, of course) in July.

Here's what you're going to get for your £5.99 (the usual full price is £19.99, by the way):

  • 10 bags of bones - ALL pieces are Triceratops Bone - with a minimum of 2 pieces per bag but some have up to 5
  • The bones are GENUINE 65 million year old TRICERATOPS DINOSAUR BONE and have come from the Badlands of South Dakota, USA
  • You also get 10 FULL COLOUR Certificates of Authenticity - GENUINE fossils for less than a small plastic dinosaur model
I think these are awesome party bags; much better than a balloon, a naff pencil and bit of plastic tat.

Thanks to wishihadadonkey at HUKD

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