Funky Food Pet Beds £9.99 Each @ B&M

Funky Food Pet Beds £9.99 Each @ B&M

If you have a pet you might want to get yourself to B&M quick, as they have a new range of Funky Food Pet Beds in and they are amazing! You can choose from a hot dog, pineapple or different types of doughnuts, and we love them!

There's not a huge amount if information about these on the B&M website, and though it does say that they are for "cats and dogs of all sizes and breeds" I would think some larger dogs are going to have trouble squeezing into one, so you'll need to have a look at the size in store.

They look like tons of fun and a really good novelty bed for your pet, and they should keep them comfy, cosy and warm as they snooze.

B&M don't offer online shopping, so it's a case of checking with your local store to see if they have stock.

I can't stop staring at the Hot Dog one as it's really ticked me, it's so funny! Oh to put a sausage dog in one of those...


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  • Melissa P.

    please get the doughnut one for erii in your new house !

    • Nicola T.

      frank can sleep in a pineapple! :joy:

      • Charlotte M.

        Hehe we need the hot dog one :joy::joy:

        • Tracy J.

          Has to be the doughnut one lol x

          • Joanne K.

            I love the pineapple one :joy::joy:xx

            • Tracy J.

              she would try and eat it lol x

              • Joanne M.

                Ozzy and Maggie neeeeeed one each lol

                • Claire H.

                  These are so cool! Love it!

                  • Martina D.

                    I might get them all. So cute x