Fluffy Bed Canopy With Butterflies £9.98 @ Tesco

If you have a girly-girl in your family who loves pink and loves butterflies then she'll love you forever if you were the one to present her with this fluffy bed canopy with butterflies (until she hits the teenage years of course, then all fluffy bed canopy love and gratitude will disappear!)

The 'fluffy' element is a bit overstated I think - I've had a good, close look at the pictures and the only 'fluff' I can see is a small ring around the top hoop that the canopy, voile type, material extends from.

The canopy itself is decorated with pretty purple embroidered butterflies and comes with a screw hook to attach to attach it to; it's made from 100% polyester and can only be hand washed, although I can't imagine it's going to see any heavy action requiring anything more than that.

The fluffy bed canopy with butterflies costs £9.98 and is a thing of prettiness and loveliness - my daughter would have absolutely adored this when she was younger - and you can arrange to collect it for free in-store OR pay an additional £3 for standard home delivery.

Thanks to SKNIGHT at HUKD

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