Dutch Braid Extensions From £2.56 Delivered @ eBay Store: datadatada UK

These are everywhere!
Dutch Braid Extensions From £2.56 Delivered @ eBay Store: datadatada UK

Dutch braids are in, in a big way. If your child has been moaning about them, then you need to read this post. The fancier the braids, the better and there's a simple way to make yours stand out from the crowd - coloured extensions. eBay Store: datadatada UK sell them from only £2.56 delivered, so you don't need to break the bank.

Dutch Braid Extensions

Dutch braids or Boxer braids have been big news for a while now, but now they are crazier than ever. You can add in hair extensions of any colour to add volume, length and vibrancy to yours.

eBay Store: datadatada UK sell a huge variety of colours in their 24 inch Kanekalon Jumbo Braids Premium Extensions, so the world is your oyster with combinations.

They are great for school - although you're best sticking with natural hair colours for this, unless your kid goes to a school that's relaxed about uniform etc.

If you're someone that hates having to wash and dry your hair daily, then they are great for that, as you'll get much more wear between washes too.

What Is A Dutch Braid?

A Dutch braid is similar to a French Braid, but instead of braiding underneath instead of over-the-top. This creates an inside out look.

It can be used loosely for a casual look, or more taut for formal. Double Dutch braids are also known as Boxer braids, and are very fashionable just now.

They can be used to tame hard-to-manage hair.

How To Do Dutch Braids

If you want to create Dutch braids, then it's vital that you brush the hair thoroughly and detangle it before you begin.

1. Section your hair into two - you should have a top layer and a bottom one.

2. Using the top layer, separate it into three sections.

3. Start braiding by crossing the right strand under the middle strand - make sure you cross underneath, otherwise it'll turn into a French plait.

4. Now, cross the left strand under the middle strand.

5. Keep repeating the braiding as per step 3 and 4 until you reach the end of the braid.

6. Secure with a hair tie and smooth hair down, finishing with hairspray.

If you want double Dutch braids, then split the the hair down the middle, and use the steps above to create two Dutch braids at each side of the head.

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