Deluxe Hammock £36.98 Delivered @ Coopers

Deluxe Hammock £36.98 Delivered @ Coopers

Is the sun shining where you are right now? It's been lovely here today and has got me thinking I could really be doing with some new garden furniture.

I'm looking for something a bit different though and this hammock from Coopers caught my eye.

I think it looks cracking value at £39.99, reduced from £79.99, add on the £4.99 delivery and it's £44.98 to your door. BUT add the code IAWSB1 at checkout and you'll save 20% taking the price to just £36.98 delivered! Crazy price for this!

The frame measures L 3m 10cm x D 1m x H 1m 23cm (10ft 3ins x 3ft 3ins x 4ft) and the cream cotton hammock 1m 95cm x 90cm (6ft 4ins x 3ft) and when it's not in use it can be taken down and stored away. It's nice right now, but we're in the U.K. and have to be realistic.

If you're still unsure, have a little read at the reviews on this, lots of people are raving about it with a typical comment being :

Excellent product at an exceptional bargain price!

There's a few other bargains on Coopers right now and that 20% code works on everything, these UV Garden Parasols* are reduced from £19.99 to £14.99 PLUS they're "Buy One Get One Free" too! Use that code and they're just £16.98 delivered! For two!

It's also well worth checking out their clearance section* before you checkout, sale items start from just 54p!

Have a good browse before you checkout!


  • Shani P.

    I'd never want to go to work!x

  • Jen P.

    Would love that, I'd just sleep there lol!! X

  • Erin N.

    this would be lovely in my garden lol

  • Amber G.

    Just add a Caramac ice cream and this could be perfect hey . :icecream:

    • Marie-Claire E.

      WANT. BOTH.

  • Linda C.

    Very nice looks good.

  • Kerry H.

    Oh my days that was made for me xx

  • Debbie R.

    Wow xx

  • Sarah P.

    I can defo see myself on one of those :sunglasses::sunny:

  • Emma G.


  • Dawn M.

    Love it

  • Gábháin

    They're massive fs wanna see size them

  • Stephen H.

    Im having one of them! I might get a hammock,too.

  • Nicky S.

    bargain i need this

  • Laura W.

    I want this for the garden

  • Sam R.

    I think one of these would be prefect for the garden x

  • Claire T.

    Lol it does look amazing!! X

  • Aimee F.

    this it what we need

  • Michelle H.

    An outdoor sloth bed :joy::joy:

  • Sabrina M.


  • Lynn D.

    I neeeeeeed it xxx

  • Sophie D.

    Absoulute bargain price!! Xxx

  • Melanie K.

    just ordered this :)

  • Sam W.

    Thank you I would love one :joy::joy::joy:

  • Judy C.

    Nice xx

  • Karen G.

    ! We need one of these!! Kxx

  • Melanie K.

    . Just bought this x

  • Christina L.

    just ordered myself one of these bad boys!

  • Sharon G.

    Love it!

  • Donna J.

    £36.98 bargain x

  • Tiffany B.

    this is what we need for our decking x

  • Caroline C.

    I would love this!! But need weather to go with it.

  • Stacey R.

    Pay day tomorrow woooo!

  • Mayo D.

    Amazing but no space

  • Dawn S.

    & , i've just purchase mine :grinning: x

  • Samantha F.

    Can't get passed the registration xx

  • Angela B.

    I want this but it wont let me past the registration page :sob: use your computer wizardry and fix it please xx

    • Hannah C.

      Angela Brugnoli I had the same problem and have rang them - they offered me £10 off online towards the hammock which would bring it to the same price on here with delivery. Hope that helps :blush:

    • Angela B.

      Fab thank you ill try ringing them :blush:

  • Dorothy D.

    Love it and at this price I'm tempted even if I have to put it in the attic for a couple of years :blush:

  • Chrissy W.

    I need this! I'm going to put this in the middle of my studio flat, everyone else can sit on the floor :D

  • Yasmin D.

    I want one!!!

  • Kerilee O.

    It's a cracker

  • Louise B.

    I need one of these!! Xx

  • Kerry B.

    Omg just ordered one...let's hope I get nice weather to use it :grin:

  • Jamie A.

    That's awesome x

  • Tanya G.

    just purchased this :relaxed::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face::sun_with_face:X

    • Katie R.

      Perfect :ok_hand_tone2: X

  • Amanda L.

    Oh that would be amazing :blush:

  • Jim H.


  • Sharon I.

    Just ordered one xx

  • Rebecca S.

    ooo love it! haha! xx

  • Joy S.

    Oh wow! That is great! xxxx

  • Rebecca D.

    Lol I've ordered it

  • Laura B.

    Thank you! Xx

  • Michelle T.


  • Laura B.

    I've just bought one :see_no_evil:

  • Gem G.

    That's amazing!!

  • Jackie K.

    I want this 1, Where ohhhhh Where do I get it.# Help me. Xx

    • Jackie K.

      Thank you. Xx

  • Anna J.

    - just ordered this for the farm!! Sshhhhh!!! X

  • Claire S.

    Love it!

  • Elsie A.

    Cant imagine ever getting off it

  • Elaine C.

    I want this!! X

  • Mary B.


  • Aoife G.

    Sorted :sweat_smile::sweat_smile:

  • Vicky A.

    Yes!! :heart_eyes:

  • Paula A.


  • Rachael M.

    Cool :)

  • Laura T.

    This would be ace lol xx

  • Pippa C.

    - have just ordered one of these for us :smiley: xx

  • Monika W.

    I love It!

  • Richard H.

    Ive just bought it. Only 36 quid!

  • Liza G.

    Looks comfy.. sold

  • Paula D.

    aww wud look Luvly an bargain :open_mouth:x

  • Lynn B.

    Oh yes please. :hugging:

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