Chatsworth Grow Me Starter Pack .98p @ Wilkinson


Spring is just around the corner, and it's time to start thinking about the veggie patch – with a little help from Wilkinson and their 98p starter packs.

It's been one of my ambitions for years now to start a veggie garden, but there's always been a reason I couldn't – I worked too much, didn't have a big enough garden, had no garden at all... you know how it goes!

According to Gardening Tips n Ideas, however, you can actually grow a herb garden on your windowsill, so there seems to be little excuse. And according to this Scouting website, the “needs of a family can be met in a tiny garden where 1.25 square meters are available for each person” - so there's really no excuse.

The Grow Me starter pack from Wilkinson comes with three plant pots, compost, seeds and most importantly, instructions.

There are also a few options available, but it seems if you buy online, you get what you get – and you pay an additional £4.95 for postage. If you go in store, you can choose what you wish and store collection is free.

Thanks to Pennypinchinmum at HUKD

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