Build A Bear Clothing Code: 20% Off

Build A Bear Clothing Code: 20% Off

Build a bear 20

The Build A Bear workshop has 20% off on all bear clothing

Build your Build A Bear wardrobe at the workshop

  • Discount: 20%
  • Applies to: Clothing
  • Promotional code: 495471
  • Expires: 13 December 2010

I love the Build A Bear Workshop and all their fantastic options for bears, bunnies, kittens, dogs and more. I love the clothes, the accessories and the shoes, but most of all, I love creativity. I love walking in and matching outfits to furry friends.

It's true that Build A Bear isn't your average discount store cuddly soft toy – they aren't cheap, but they are great quality!

And so much of the experience is in 'building' the bear together.

Of course, if you don't have a workshop nearby, online is as good an option, just a little less fun in the preparation.

I have ordered a 43cm Hello Kitty, and added three outfits to it, the Sleeping Beauty Costume, the Snow White Costume and Sequined Satin Dress. This came to £53.00, which also 'entitles' you to a gift card worth £10.00 for £5.00. I didn't add this, so with the code applied, my total was £46.20.

The great thing is that all Build A Bear clothes are interchangeable, so our two other furry friends now have new outfits, giving them new life too, without having to buy two new toys.


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