Basic Booster Seat £7.99 @ Amazon

Amazon are, for the moment at least, selling these Safety 1st booster seats for £7.99 instead of their usual £13 and are available in both pink and blue (just be aware that the pink one is £8.99)

The Safety 1st booster seat is a solid seat that you place on a normal chair seat and secure it with straps that wrap around and do up underneath it.  It's easy to clean, easy to take out and about with you, has a three-point safety harness and is suitable for little ones aged about six months old.

If you're really tight for space at home then something like a Safety 1st booster seat is going to be a GREAT alternative to a high chair.  They're also handy for keeping at the grandparents house or if you go out to eat a lot - high chairs in restaurants can be a bit hit and miss.

Have you ever taken a close look at restaurant high chairs?  If you have, then are okay?  Did you manage to avoid being infected with botulism or anthrax?  Honestly, most of them can be downright disgusting and the germs lurking on them just doesn't bear thinking about - I'm all for a bit of a dirt to build up immunity but even I wouldn't put my kids in the some of the high chairs I've come across in my time!

If I had my little baby time over again, I'd definitely invest in one of these basic booster seats.

Thanks to hsg at HUKD

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