Baby Born City Scooter £12 @ John Lewis

I find it really hard to relate to things like this Baby Born City Scooter as I was never a dolly sort of child; I never had one, I never wanted one and I still have a 'problem' playing with them now.

Anyway, that's just me and this Baby Born City Scooter might be just the thing you're looking for for the little girly in your family.

My great-niece would love this - she got a Baby Born for Christmas last year and spent almost all of Christmas Day dressing and undressing her; a year on and I think Baby Born could be ready to do a bit of touring on her Baby Born City Scooter.

It's pink (of course) and it's remote controlled too; I kid you not, your baby can drive around her Baby Born on her very own Baby Born City Scooter that's quite cool if you like twist and go Vespa-like scooters (personally, I'm more of a Yamaha R6 you know why I never played with dolls!).

You'll need  one 9V battery and four AA batteries which aren't included, so make sure have those to hand on Christmas morning or face the wrath of a very unhappy little girl and her Baby Born.

These Baby Born City Scooters are reduced to clear so are now £12 instead of £29.99 and, I imagine, won't stay in stock for too long at that price.

Thanks to mummy2two at HUKD



  • scabbers
    A baby riding a scooter...that's weird!
  • LynleyOram
    *that's* the bit you find weird? LOL
  • scabbers
    Errr...hadn't seen the Wedding outfit!!!!

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