Artemis Fowl Audio CD £9 @ Amazon

Artemis Fowl Audio CD £9 @ Amazon

Nine of our Great British pounds is the cheapest I can find the fabulous Artemis Fowl on audio CD for - Amazon win the prize for this but they are low on stock (although there are more copies on the way, apparently).

If they do happen to have gone out of stock by the time you're ready to order then pop over to Waterstones instead, you'll only have to pay an extra 99 pence and free delivery will take between three and five days - roughly the same time as Amazon's super saver delivery.

If you want a really engrossing series of stories that will enchant your children, and encourage reluctant readers aged around eight or nine to pick up a book, then you won't go wrong with Artemis Fowl on audio CD.

I first listened to this story in the car with my two, now, teenagers whilst driving to Newcastle-upon-Tyne from Sussex; they were eight and nine at the time and sat quiet as mice, for almost the entire journey, utterly enthralled by the tale of the twelve-year-old master criminal Artemis and his plan to hold a leprechaun to ransom.

Now whilst the Artemis Fowl stories contains 'fairies' this is no fairy tale - it's been described as Die Hard with fairies, and I'd go along with that; both boys and girls love it!

I can highly recommend books on audio CD for long car journeys, unless you happen to be the driver and fall asleep easily to bedtime stories.

Happy listening and if you're new, welcome to the world of Artemis Fowl.


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