Should Airlines Offer Family-Friendly Flights And Child-Free Seating Areas?

travelling with kids

Goodness knows that travelling with kids can be tough. But should families travelling with babies and young children be seated separately on planes? That was the subject up for discussion on This Morning today. And it's made the papers, too.

The Mirror reports:

Now one mum has demanded an end to this. Speaking on This Morning, Kelly Rose Bradford said airlines should segregate families from child free adults to make flights better for everyone.

She said: "Your holiday starts from the moment you sit on the plane. You let out that sigh of relief, you’ve left work behind, left all the stresses behind and you take off and all of a sudden you get the kicking at the back of your seat or you get the wailing."

Kelly Rose Bradford would like to see separate planes for families travelling with children, or special seating areas on flights - like the business class and first class sections - so that adults without children aren't forced to travel in close proximity to babies and children.

She also said:

"I think there’s an element of selfishness from parents who insist on not changing their lifestyle once they have their children because there are some things that just aren’t practical.”

I'm divided on this topic. Part of me thinks it's a genius idea to provide family-friendly seating areas on planes, especially on long-haul flights. We took a ferry from Ireland to Scotland this summer and I was really struck by the brilliant facilities for kids, with a family film, craft activities for kids, free balloons and even a face-painter all laid on for the little ones.

Granted, that section of the ship was utter bedlam, and I couldn't stand to be in it for more than half an hour at a time, but it did mean that passengers without kids weren't subjected to the noise and chaos that can accompany little travellers - it was all contained to one area at the back of the boat.

We'd love to hear your views on this. Would you pay extra for a for a family-friendly seat on a plane or even a different flight? Do you think it's a good idea to offer child-free flights or seating areas for those travelling without kids?

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