8 Party Invitations For £1.00 @ Dotcomgiftshop

This pack of eight party invitations is just £1.00 from Dotcomgiftshop right now, reduced from the original price of £2.95.

Printed on glossy card with a jazz hearts theme, you get eight invitations in a pack, along with envelopes.

There are only 2 customer reviews on the Dotcomgiftshop website but they're both positive. Here's one:

"These are really lovely cards, pretty design, high quality card and print, perfect for my daughter's parties."

I don't know about you, but this deal strikes me as bargain-tastic. I never have time to make party invites by hand despite the best intentions, and printing them out on the computer at home would surely cost more than £1 in ink.

I guess the only issue to factor in is that standard UK delivery costs £2.95, so you'll definitely want to buy more than just one packet of party invites to make it worthwhile, but it's worth browsing the site for other party paraphernalia if you're having a bit of a bash, as they do loads of affordable things, from party bags to balloons.

There are several other designs of party invitations on sale for £1 too - check the range available here.

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