Sporty Toys Up To 50% Off @ ELC

Sporty Toys Up To 50% Off @ ELC

You can host your own toddler's Olympics party with all the discounted goods on offer at ELC right now

Of course not everything there is discounted, but they're pretty good prices anyway. To be fair you don't really have to buy all this stuff - kids are happy with even pillow hurdles and real eggs and spoons, but still, a few of these items could definitely add to the experience.

Friends of mine hosted a toddlers Olympics party yesterday, and there were plenty medals won there too! I wasn't able to make it as we were at a first birthday party, but it looks like everyone had a whale of a time!

I've found it quite tough explaining the concept of Olympic Games to my toddler, and having been to the Olympic Park, I am not sure she'll be able to comprehend it all.

How have your kids taken to the Olympics?


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