100 Hits - Kids £3.93 @ The Hut

100 Hits - Kids £3.93 @ The Hut


I was in a total panic last month when I realised I had no suitable music for my son’s birthday party. Nothing. Nada. Zilch. All I had were a few CDs from when he was much younger; and Old MacDonald, Three Blind Mice, and The Wheels on the Bus were not going to cut it for this crowd of four and five year olds. Yet they’re still a little bit too young to really get excited about the latest pop tunes (although a few Abba songs had many of the boys up and dancing).

100HitsI’d be tempted to invest in something like this CD and DVD collection from The Hut for future use – using the code MM10 it costs £3.93. It comprises four CDs with tracks from nearly every pre-school programme shown on CBeebies, Channel 5 and Channel 4, such as the theme from Go Diego Go and Boogie Beebies, the reggae mix. Also my personal favourite, The Beeps doing the Beep Beep Tree Song.

There’s also a DVD with tracks like Hey Baby, Barbie Girl and I want to be like you. It doesn’t say if, being a DVD, this means that you get the video as well as the music.


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