The Lorax 'Colour And Create' And 'Sticker And Activity' Books Review

Tamsin wrote about printing with the Lorax last week, and earlier this week, my daughters and I went to see The Lorax in London. We had an absolutely fantastic time, and I’ll confess that as the credits rolled, I wondered how one would go about planting a tree. It really shocked me when I realised what I was thinking because obviously the message of the Lorax impacted on me – how much more on my girls?

Well, at least it’s a good message, and when I gave my almost 3-year old The Lorax: Colour and Create she was pretty ecstatic. I was quite surprised by how she recognised the characters from the movie and I’ve been equally impressed by how she’s taken to colouring each page (each page, in highlighter pink, and nothing else!)

There are two Lorax activity books, the Colour and Create and the Sticker and Activity Book. If you are travelling this summer, or worse, staying at home, the activity books are really nice, especially if you’ve seen the movie.

While they are colouring books, they also have instructions and a bit of a story line, for example, “The Lorax sees a beautiful rainbow. Colour it in.” Or there’s a half a Truffula Tree, with the instruction “Complete The Truffula Tree.” Or going beyond just colouring, there’s mini-games, like ‘Find the line that connects the Once-ler’s knitting needles to the Thneed” for a maze activity.

There are also sixty something stickers with which you can decorate the book or in my daughter’s case the floor, living room and furniture.

The Colour and Create book is pretty similar, but without the stickers, and with different activities and pictures. At the end of this book, there’s a ‘certificate’ that says ‘Official Friend of the Lorax’ for your little one to colour and add their name to.

The activity books have 32 and 48 pages and retail at £3.99.

Both books say not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts, but I’m not sure which parts those refer to. As I said my two year old is enjoying it, but to be honest, the older the child, the more they’ll get out of it. She’s enjoying the colouring, but not really able to follow the activities or really get the most of it in the same way someone a little older definitely would!

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