ELC Felt Farm Review

I have great memories of my sister and I playing with felt when we were children. We had a huge range of felt characters and my dad made spanned a stretch of felt over the back of a fingerboard board so that we had what was to us a vast expanse of space to create our scenes on.

I bought the ELC Felt Farm set for my daughter in the hopes of getting her creative story telling juices going too, and have mixed feelings about it.

The felt pieces make up a farm scene, and overall I’m pretty happy with them. The painted bits don’t stick very well, but it’s not like I was expecting Velcro so it’s fine.

Where it does fall down a bit is the story board. Actually, there are two story boards, but they are half the height of an A4 page, but a bit wider. They are made of something that feels like a mix between sand paper, and the loop end of Velcro, so you’d expect the felt to stick, and it does initially, but after a very short time it stops doing so.

The felt pieces are still nice to play with, but honestly I’m totally so-so about this set and don’t think it’ll give my daughter the same memories I have of felt. I have wondered if a larger story board, also made of felt (which could easily fit into the box) wouldn’t be better, but haven’t had a chance to try it.

Overall, I don’t think £5 is too expensive, but I’m glad I bought it at less than half price.


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