10 Tips For Organising Kids Artwork

Kids Art

I can't be the only parent who gets daily bits of artwork from my mini-maestros, right? And now as my youngest starts trying on her nursery backpack and practicing her good bye wave at the door, I just know I'm about to be bombarded with a whole new wave of squiggles and blotches. Fun, fun, fun!

The blog Organised Spaces has 10 good tips on how to deal with kids artwork. Do you have any good ones to share?

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  • rachaelo
    We take photos of the entire sheet and have a large craft punch that we take a sample of the best bit of each creation of art that our 2yr old makes (sometimes just one blob of paint or one scribble on a whole a4) and we display them with the date on the back as one giant piece of art :) x not sure what I'm going to do when his creations become 3D haha x

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