Win 1 of 20 Vosene Kits (PlayPennies Giveaway)


*** Expired - winners announced here soon ***

The folks at Vosene have given us 20 hair care kits to give away to the PlayPennies parents! Tamsin has written a Vosene review in the past, where she was very pleased with the results.

Here's what is in each Vosene kit:

  • 100ml Conditioning Shampoo
  • 50ml Mega Hold Styling Gel
  • 50ml Extra Shine Detangler Spray

To put your name into the hat to win one of the kits, just leave a comment in the thread below. We'll choose 20 random winners from the relevant comments.


  • 1 entry per household
  • Ends 16th June 2011
  • UK entrants only
  • Admin's decisions are final in all cases

P.S. There's a competition on their website to give away a family holiday worth up to £10,000, you might be interested in entering that too.


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  • Emma
    I have two little girls with very curly hair - and think this kit may help a lot.
  • melanie s.
    Please enter me for this lovely prize.Thank you. Tweeting @mellysocks
  • Dawn C.
    Awwww Vosene! Takes me back to my childhood and saturday morning swimming with the little sachets you could buy!
  • mubina a.
    love this make. have been using vosene for years.
  • leila B.
    Great prize, that will be perfect for my son, he is 9 years old. As they just went back to school who keep sending letters few time a year to inform us of head lice. The head lice repellent is ideal as well as Mega hold styling gel,
  • Gina C.
    Great giveaway, thank you for the opportunity! I would especially love to try the conditioning spray because my youngest have very thick and dry hair.
  • victoria w.
    I would love to win this for my daughter!!
  • Paul B.
    Looks perfect for my daughters repunzelesque hair!
  • Tracey
    Vosene for kids is a really great way to keep them head lice free through the summer months
  • Lynley O.
    I've been using the 3 in 1 shampoo for kids and have really liked it. I didn't want to have to cut my son's hair short as during the summer I like to have it have a bit of length down the back of his neck to keep the sun off. I found it a lot gentler on his hair than Johnson's.
  • Dan D.
    We use loads of the de-tangler, it's brilliant. The shampoo is pretty good too :)
  • Julia R.
    would love to win, thank you.
  • Jenny
    Sounds just the thing to tackle my daughters tangles!
  • Maggie L.
    Vibrant colours! My son refuses to use any bottles that aren't bright. His hair is becoming increasingly more curly too, perfect!
  • Martin C.
    Me please, thanks.
  • sam h.
    enter me.. both my daughtes have thick thick hair, andvosene smells so nice too.
  • Mel C.
    Please enter me, I love the smell of vosene!
  • Katy
    This wuld be fantastic for my twins hair and my eldest too not to mention mine!
  • PaulS
    Enter me in, used Vosene as a child and now so does my little one
  • carole m.
    this kit would be magic to win
  • Sarah A.
    Thats all we ever used when we were kids!
  • katrina
    I've not tried it on my sons yet but as they both have fine hair worn longish(surfer dudes don't do Short MUM!!!!) may have to give the detangling spray and styling Gel a go.
  • tonya d.
    just the stuff that a nine year old loves
  • Karen
    This will be perfect for my children, one hates her hair being brushed because of tangles, and the other 2 would love the gel.
  • t r.
    tweeting @rydertracey
  • Lynn F.
    I would love this for us, the lice are a constant problem (oh for the Nit Nurse - Nitty Nora the bug explorer!) I'm convinced they are aliens!
  • Ruth
    Ooo looks like lovely stuff, would love to try it.
  • Louise T.
    Looks like a lovely prize!!! Would love to win!
  • Tina
    would love to win :) I have bought some of the shampoo to try on my little girl
  • Sarah C.
    I have two boys and this would be great for them. I love Vosene! Thank you for this comp!
  • joanna P.
    Would love to win this prize!
  • Emma
    I still use Vosene now on my hair but the fact you have a Vosene kids range would be ideal for my 22 month son to use.
  • Forest F.
    My little Man's unruly mop could certainly do with a little hepl from Vosene :)
  • Tracy
    I would love to win this. I have never used Vosene in years. When I was small my Gran used to wash my hair in Vosene on a Sunday night and comb it through without conditioner.
  • Andrea
    I received a sample of this shampoo and it was fab, so now I get it all the time!
  • Natalie G.
    With 3 girls, this would be a very useful prize!
  • melanie c.
    Always use Vosene, it really does make your hair smell clean lovely!
  • Donna
    i have 2 beautiful kids so would love to win this! :)
  • Teresa N.
    Love Vosene because it reminds me of my childhood.
  • Karen D.
    ummmm lovely smell
  • Jonathan S.
    I would love one of these for my 2yr old daughter.Great products from a great brand.
  • ANNE T.
    oh this takes me back, love the smell
  • Lou G.
    ooh i love the smell of Vosene...would love to win this
  • Christine S.
    Vosene is not just good for kids but great for adults too! (Although my daughter is not too impressed that I use her shampoo!)
  • christina f.
    Vosene a name you can trust
  • Angela W.
    I still remember the green bottle and original smell of vosene from when I was a child, would love to try it on my kids. @MrsWebster147
  • Matthew S.
    This little lot would be perfect for my little nephews
  • Julie H.
    this looks great - especially as im a childminder/nanny thanks
  • bon
    Vosene reminds me of my childhood, forgot all about it, would like to try it for my boys.x
  • galare
    My youngests hair could do with all the help it can get!
  • Cheryll H.
    My littlie has the most beautiful curly hair but it is SOOOOO difficult to keep soft - this looks ideal! Thanks for the giveaway :)
  • leanne
    this looks fab i love vosene and so do my 2 daughters
  • patricia h.
    pure brill
  • Sarah E.
    Ooh i really want to try the kids vosene on my son and baby girl as she has cradle cap. Great prize :-D xx
  • Maria A.
    Fab giveaway. Have a 10 yr old daughter....would be perfect :)
  • katie
    I can remember using vosene when i was a little girl will never forget the smell.........lovely!!!!
  • brenda c.
    Great giveaway, thank you for the opportunity! I would especially love to try the conditioning spray because my youngest have very thick and dry hair.
  • Kelly
    The scent of Vosene brings back so many memories . I've not smelt it for an age so it would be lovely to relive the old days while I'm in the tub . Thanks ! x
  • katie c.
    i luv how Vosene looks now . Seems as though they're aiming to please the whole family now . The range has grown and the packaging looks a lot more bright and so much more appealing . Would love to use this ! THANKS FOR THIS GIVEAWAY !
  • Valerie H.
    Perfect for my grandaughter, when she comes to stay.
  • Karen S.
    Love Vosene....and especially love the smell, brings back many childhood memories :-)
  • Angie A.
    Please enter me -great competition
  • Margaret N.
    Perfect for my daughter who loves the smell of Vosene.
  • layla f.
    Please enter me for the comp, Would love it for myself and my daughter
  • sarah t.
    this would be fab for my little girl! :-)
  • Laura P.
    Would love to win - thanks for running!
  • Anna D.
    I would like to enter
  • J B.
    would love this for my two grandsons
  • Nina C.
    This would be just what i need for my lot. Please enter me.
  • jennifer t.
    I'd love to try this range on my 2 children, it sounds great
  • sana s.
    love the smell of Vosene specially for my two boys
  • Derek E.
    V>Vo>Vos>Vose>Vosen>Vosene = Hair so clean
  • Alison R.
    great competition, perfect prize for the summer months, sweaty heads make for more hairwashing and anything that makes it less of a chore for me (and the kids) has got to be a good thing
  • Anne
    This would be just perfect for my two young granddaughters! Thank you for the competition
  • lucy o.
    would love to be entered in to this
  • Sarah A.
    I love the smell of Vosene... mmm... @littleboo_21
  • Suzie
    Love the detangler. Use it on my own hair! Lol
  • Tracy N.
    I have 6 children who would all love to try this - me too! Thanks for the comp - tweeting! @TracyNixon
  • claire w.
    I would like to try this on my son - we haven't had lice yet but I dread it.
  • Raj S.
    great prize :)
  • jackie c.
    I have 2 daughters at school with long hair, so this would be perfect.
  • louise h.
    love vosene leaves my hair nice and soft xx
  • c b.
    love vosene trust it
  • Julie B.
    Thank you very much for this competition. I have always loved the smell of Vosene.
  • Ann W.
    would love one of these sets :-)
  • Jen
    Vosene is ace!
  • Stephanie C.
    would love to try this on my lil monsters!!
  • Lianne H.
    great prize, will come in very handy with my 2 girls
  • Vivien B.
    Great competition, thank you
  • Helen
    Great shampoo and great giveaway
  • Charles G.
    Nice prize draw - thanks.
  • Helen
    Please could you enter me into this competition, Many thanks and Good luck all xx
  • Teresa
    its been a nightmare for nits this term at my granddaughters school, I've tried several different products which at first seem to work only for afew weeks later for her to pick them up again. To be honest I hadn't even thought about buying products to prevent her getting them in the first place, I usually just concentrate on finding a product that gets rid of them once she's picked them up. Not tried Vosene before but seems like it could be the ticket....thanks for the comp
  • lucy r.
    great comp, great shampoo.
  • Amy
    Wow! Would love to try this for my son. Please enter me into the comp!
  • Emma H.
    I'd love to win this for my son
  • Pamela G.
    great comp
  • Rachael G.
    Great competition! Would love to win this to try out the detangler on my toddler's super curly hair!
  • james
    Vosene is fantastic
  • Carolina J.
    Please, count me in!
  • Lakshmi
    Is it wrong to admit that I love the smell of Vosene?
  • Laura C.
    I would like to try this on my hair and on my toddler's hair. Thank you for the competition
  • Sohadre A.
    Vosene revival sounds great
  • FionaLynne E.
    I use Vosene for my daughter - it's great!
  • JULIE P.
    love the smell makes hair smell really clean
  • Nicole C.
    Lovely clean smell
  • nicci c.
    vosene is fab id love to win for my little ones @bubbalovesblog on twitter
  • Isabelle S.
    ooo would love to try this brand :) enter me
  • Mandy
    Vosene = super clean! Smells fab too.
  • Angela W.
    The smell still reminds me of my childhood
  • Jan2009
    This is the best ever, leaves your hair smelling great and looking shiny and healthy
  • Paul W.
    Me please.
  • a e.
    I love vosene it really reminds me of good times from my childhood. My mum used to have the most amazing long hair that always looked so healthy and smelt 'comforting, fresh and clean'. It keeps hair natural looking, as hair should be.
  • Linda O.
    First time i have seen Vosene Styling Gel for Kids, very cool..
  • Anna M.
    Please enter me :)
  • Elizabeth T.
    I love Vosene, I buy it for myself, Strange enough I havn't actually tried it on my children, I would love a sample before I buy :)
  • joanne b.
    love vosene for my daughters hair!
  • Lisa D.
    This would be very very useful for the kids :).
  • jo t.
    what a fab website. so glad i have found you.... please could you enter me in your fab competition.
  • elle
    yes please
  • jan
    my daughter in law would be impressed if i passed this to her for the grand children
  • graham n.
    Both myself and my partner use Vosene but we havn't used it on our daughter yet
  • jan w.
    my daughters love the smell of vosene
  • julie a.
    I have a princess and a frog. Both love these products equally
  • Karen
    Vosene is perfect for my daughter's hair
  • Kelly
    I love the smell that vosene leaves on the hair.
  • John A.
  • Diane
    I love the new packaging. The Vosene I know from old, when I was a kid, looked like it was going to be something quite brutal. Just the thought of the smell brings back memories though, nice ones!
  • katherine g.
    I love vosene, great for my girls hair xx
  • clare b.
    love this for my hair
  • Hayley w.
    i love the smell os vosene
  • Judy W.
    Please enter me!
  • Michelle H.
    Yay!! It's great to see that Vosene's back. As a child, I loved the slightly medicated smell(okay, I was a strange child),and it was always good for dandruff, too.
  • Chris
    Enter Me Too Please
  • Libby A.
    My Mum used to use this on my hair when I was a kid. Would love to see if it's still as good as it was.
  • Alice
    New packaging is vibrant. Perfect for encouraging children to wash their hair.
  • Liz
    Lovely clean smell for lovely shiny hair.
  • Hel
    Please enter my name into the hat! I didn't realise they did the repellent gel or de-tangler! Really good ideas!
  • Christina R.
    Vosene is the BEST!
  • Gemma T.
    I used Vosene when I was a little girl, it used to be my swimming shampoo- used it every time I went! So it's only right I use it on my children!
  • heather g.
    I love Vosene - always have and always will.
  • Hayley F.
    looks great, please enter me x
  • Steph A.
    Love the clean smell, takes me right back to my childhood 40 years ago. My daughter now uses just the same shampoo. Would be great to win. Thanks
  • DUKE
    I ain't had Vosene in years!
  • JOAN W.
    oldwalshy passed to friends. for quality and flair, you know vosene cares
  • melvis
    I used to LOVE Vosene, I miss the smell of it! :D x
  • Sarah L.
    Simply love Vosene - love the colour, love the packaging, love the value and it WORKS!
  • Marta P.
    love vosene
  • Laura W.
    Love the smell of vosene!
  • Charles G.
    Thanks for the comp
  • Denise
    Ooh Vosene! The first thing you think of is clean and fresh. Such a refreshing scent. Please enter me in the draw please.
  • helena h.
    Vosene is great no more tangles
  • Joanne
    i havent tried it for the boys yet
  • Anna E.
    Great comp!
  • Phil D.
    My daughter loves it - and I would too - if I had any hair
  • Rachael L.
    Vosene always reminds me of that old tv advert, the one that smells really clean!! Haha. Would love to try this on the little ones.
  • Richard
    I love the smell of Vosene, it reminds me of being little.
  • Lynette
    Oooh these look great,especially the detangling spray! my daughter has such curly hair and it's a real struggle to get her to stay still long enough to get out all the tangles! i'm sure this would be great, please enter me. :)
  • Louise M.
    I use Vosene on my kids all the time its great!
  • sherri h.
    i have tried using the normal Vosene but im going to have to try the childrens one on the kids i think :o)
  • yvonne
    Great hair care products
  • Danielle W.
    Looks fab ! Please enter me thanks !
  • felicity m.
    looks brill, please enter me
    i loved the smell of vosene when i was little and still do i looked at these products in tescos today while helping a friend with her shopping, first time i had ever seen them so i had a little sniff, yum :) to be honest i am not so sure , i looked at the pump action shampoo and thought it was a bit pricey to try and possibly not be suitable for my 3 children saying that , i love the idea of lice repellant , having 2 boys that dont comprehend hygeine and a daughter that will have long hair it could come in handy lol !
  • Meg C.
    Vosene and little one's go together
  • Kelly K.
    Would love to give this a go on my boys :)
  • Ben
  • Cheryl M.
    A detangling spray would be heaven!
  • Amy C.
    I would love a Vosene kit!
  • Tom W.
    I used to love vosene as a kid!
  • Naomi
    having had a battle with head lice in the past (my eldest daughter seems to attract them!) the idea of an everyday product that repels them sounds great..please enter me into the draw!
  • Solange
    I love the smell of Vosene
  • katrina w.
    Mmmm I can smell that undeniable fresh, clean smell just by looking at the pic! Hope Im lucky!
  • bella s.
    vosene smells lush
  • Emma R.
    This stuff is super.. My boys... touch wood lol havent come home with the nasty nits yet
  • Aileen
    Great for the kids!
  • Christina M.
    Vosene works wonders on my little ones hair, she has a lot of it.
  • Gemma J.
    Great Competition
  • Andrew C.
    This would be great for our family
  • Emma C.
    What a great prize for my kids. Thanks for running it.
  • claire m.
    Love the smell of vosene and detangling spray is great
  • Becs
    Love the Vosene head lice repellent stuff. Haven't seen the styling gel before though - would be good for those Mad Hair Days they have to do at school!
  • vicky h.
    A Great comp, great to use when kids have got nits,
  • Melissa D.
    I would love a vosene kit to use on my son, I haven't actually tried it yet.
  • Deborah W.
    My daughter has really curly hair which she hates having combed so I'd love to win some of that detangler spray to try.
  • phyllis e.
    these would be great for when our Granddaughter has her weekly stayover visit. Lovely xx
  • leanne
    great comp plz eneter me too thank you
  • Marion
    Love the smell of vosene, it reminds me of my childhood.
  • Lorraine G.
    I remember my parents using this for me when I was younger, I think it was mainly because it was meant to be good at 'repelling' those horrible ghastly headlice! Eeekk... makes my head itchy just thinking about it!! I'd completely forgotten about it until now! My little girl starts school this September and I will definitely be investing in some Vosene!! xx
  • Karen W.
    MMMM vosene ! great comp x
  • Jacky
    The detangling spray is fantastic, no more tears in the morning from my 7 year old, just spray and brush, excellent.
  • samaira c.
    vosene-pure nostalgia
  • Rowena M.
    Would like to win this...please enter me thanks
  • pete m.
    amazing value for money for amazing quality products - as good for my kids as it was for me when i was their age
  • matt
    great comp. please enter! Kids would love to try this! :)
  • Samantha J.
    would be great for my little girl
  • Anil
    I like Vosene - hair don't fall out with each wash like other shampoo.
  • Annie L.
    The only shampoo we use as a family, medicated, clean hair, clear of dandruff and tangle free too, wonderful results from a name we trust.
  • darren
    looks like a good clean fun competition. x
  • kelly
    love this shampoo great for my lads hair never had any nits yet
  • Penny
    Vosene, a smell of a childhood shampoo, comforting everytime.
  • Matt B.
    Would be amazing for the kids hair :) great competition!!
  • Brian C.
    Vosene is one of those smells that I remember from childhood. A great brand.
    Great prize ! The whole family will enjoy it .
  • nicky h.
    My son hates his hair being washed
  • Cotiga S.
    good luck ;)
  • stephen m.
    brill stuff
  • Rich T.
    My boys will be looking & smelling REEM!
  • rachell b.
    Great prize ! kids will love it
  • Catherine P.
    I know my son would love the mega hold styling gel (he's 6!)
  • Byron
    My daughter hates his hair being washed
  • Mikey N.
    I first used Vosene half a century ago and it's as good today as it ever was.
  • Michael L.
    My daughter has mad hair so the detangler would be brilliant
  • Danny C.
    This would be a fantastic gift for my son. Thanks in advance for the prize!
  • Emma C.
    Here's hoping that I win this.
  • Jackie C.
    What a great prize to give away!
  • Emily H.
    Please count me in - many thanks!
  • caren
    i remember having my hair washed in this when i was little and its tradition for me to carry it on :)
  • stacie b.
    good prize, anything to make bath time more fun x
  • Fatima C.
    Old is gold ,vosene is definitely Goldi in a bottle
  • michelle
    Sounds good would love to try it on the kids
  • vicky
    would love to win this!
  • lindsey b.
    i would love one of these!
  • corinne F.
    Great comp....Fingers crossed
  • Amy S.
    Great competion! would love to win so I can try it on my 2 kiddies x
  • chicamba
    My Grandkids would love one of these sets.
  • david b.
    g8 prize
  • Dawn
    lovely set to leave for sleepovers at grandmas!
  • Anne-Marie L.
    Would love to win this. Vosene smells lovely.
  • Jake I.
    My Nieces hair is out of control! Please HELP ;)
  • Helen L.
    Takes me back to my childhood days!
  • simone l.
  • sharon h.
    love vosene smells fresh and reminds me of when i was a child
  • steve g.
    I love the smell of vosene
  • Shehzad S.
  • IAN T.
    the hair on head is over the moon
  • Keeley
    I think my husband would steal the gel from my son!
  • Kerrie
  • Sean
    hope i win :)
  • Dessiree B.
    I use Vosene currently with my son, as he absolutely detests having his hair washed, he is 3 yrs old and i have to bath his 2 yr old sister at the same time, and when he knows he's having his hair washed you wouldn't believe the fight he puts up! Because of this i don't get to wash his hair as often as i'd like so by using Vosene at least i can ensure its a good quality wash when it happens!
  • kerry r.
    I wanna win!
  • steve s.
    great prize for my granddaughter alice
  • michael w.
    steve.."maybe next time ill only buy 1" mike.."eyes bigger than your belly" i just don't like cheese
  • michelle
    great product, fingers crossed I win!!
  • Sharon B.
    Please let me win xxx
  • Clare M.
    Please enter me for the Vosene !! Will be great for ny Childrens hair as it smells so nice and wont stimg their eyes. Thanks x
  • Lisa M.
    This stuff is great for the hair kids and adults too! *finger crossed*
  • A D.
    Well a-Head of the competition
  • Christina
    vosene a trusted brand you can rely on... fab for all the family :)
  • lee
    brill comp good luck .
  • tamara P.
    Love Vosene
  • Karen
    Top product and if it means no tears for my 2 daughters - it's always on my shopping list!
  • Rach G.
    Would love to see if the detangling worked on my daughter
  • Hayley A.
    squeaky clean hair for my little angel
  • daniella s.
    Great stuff!!
  • Ivette P.
    Love vosene for myself, looking forward to getting the new kids range for my girls.
  • carol
    vosene is the business for shiny clean locks, would love to win this prize
  • Lesley S.
    Vosene, thought this was washing up liquid!??
  • philip h.
    perfect for my 2 children
  • Fiona M.
    Detangling spray is a must for my little girl - fab product.
  • lydia d.
    never leave home without taking my vosene
  • Josephine T.
    vosene kids makes washing hair fun, so it relieves the stress from mum, what better way to get rid of those knots, than enter this comp that playpennies got!!
  • san
    I love using this on my son's lovely long locks.
  • Janet M.
    Vosene makes hair washing a pleasant experience not a chore. Keeps kids happy.
  • Andrea B.
    Mane maintenance. Great for my two little munchkins.
  • Danielle
    i think its great something that children and adults can both use to keep hair tangle free and squeaky clean that also care for the hair, love it! hope i win one lol x
  • janet l.
    A well know brand that has been around for a long long time. Does exactly what it claims on the label.
  • Mihir T.
    Perfect for my little one.
  • deborah d.
    my mum used to wash my hair in vosene back in the 60s then i used it on my children and now my daughter uses it on her children!! we all love and trust it.
  • Karen R.
    Sssh......loved by big kids as well as little ones!
  • Paul W.
    Would love this for my daughters.
  • salim j.
    like to win one please
  • Shaz
    Great product ..nice prize ..thanks !
  • Julia R.
    Love Vosene Kids products. Fab prize!
  • Nikki
    Love vosene. Although i don't drive and i can't get it in my "walkable shops" so don't always have it. Boo hoo. :-( xx
  • Mayur K.
    I always use this its the best shampoo out there iv used it since i was a kid.
  • FAL
    I adore vosene, my mum used it on me when i was little, i have always loved the refreshing clean smell. I now use this on my own children. Fantastic hair care range for childre, leaves her hair smelling lovely and tangle free.
  • Lili
    We used Vosene anti-dandruff version, would love this for my children
  • lucinda d.
    used vosene as a child and use it now as a mum :)
  • Tracy A.
    Looking forward to trying this range. My 'babies' need to start using something a bit more 'grown-up' now.
  • Grant
    yum yum nice prizes
  • Jennifer S.
    Would love to win one of these!
  • Susan B.
    Great is the perfect word for vosene Always been used in our family Would love to win one of the kits
  • Karen
    I love the smell, it reminds me of when I was a child.
  • Greig s.
  • denise e.
    Vosene- the smell reminds me of Sunday night bath time and clean hair.
  • Ricci
    LOVE Vosene!
  • kelly b.
    Vosene - it's the best and always will be :)
  • Catherine O.
    Brings back happy memories!!
  • Victoria B.
    Would love to win this for my little one.
  • Kimberley H.
    This would be magic in my household
  • Joanna
    Ooh, I'd love to win this :D
  • Kelly D.
    We love Vosene. My Mom & Dad used to use it on our hair and it's still around now - the nit shampoo is great stuff. Thanks for the comp!
  • clare a.
    love the whole idea of a hair care range thats trustworthy for childrens delicate hair.
  • Mrs P.
    I love the clean fresh smell of Vosene.
  • Michelle B.
    great for the kids
  • Sohel A.
    I want to win ... name is Sohel Ahmed
  • janice t.
    would be great for the grandchildren.
  • Arthur H.
    I'm all of a lather over this competition!
  • Alison
    Fab for kids
  • Cathy J.
    brilliant stuff
  • Leanne
    Excellent shampoo for kids!
  • joanna b.
    wanna win that !
  • pawel w.
    my boy likes lots of gel on his head :D
  • Katherine C.
    Love the smell of Vosene. Takes me back to when I was a child.
  • dave j.
    Great for the young uns
  • linda w.
    Wonderful fresh smell
  • Maya R.
    Have tried this before and it smells really nice.
  • Paula T.
    Vosene is Great we all use it in our house it leaves our hair looking Brill & smelling Gorgeous my little on would love his own
  • amanda
    Would love to try these!
  • danuta m.
    would love to win it :)
  • Kelly H.
    Lovely smell, perfect for my daughter
  • Yolanda B.
    I would be so pleased to win this. please enter me. x
  • Claire S.
    Would love to win this, my 3 boys might actually not moan about having their hair washed then !!
  • Seeta S.
    Have two girls with really long hair. Need this!
  • Michelle B.
    I use vosene regularly on my 3 kids so would love to win this :)
  • maureen m.
    I used vosene when I was a child.. now I am a grandmother who would like to share the experience with my grand children
  • Danielle
    used to use this when a child.Great prize for the kids
  • Emma A.
    love to give this a go!
  • Leanne L.
    I love vosene its my favourite shampoo, does wonders for my scalp.
  • Rach
    Looks fab, would love to win.
  • christine r.
    Please enter me - my little boy loves hair gel!
  • melanie h.
    love the smell , reminds me of my childhood :)
  • lorna a.
    i would love to win
  • Claire B.
    love this stuff for my little one
  • Luke
    Hair is out of control! Please send help!
  • edward
    when her hair arrives I'll be ready !
  • Gail R.
    Yes please- love Vosene xx
    I would love to win this, the smell of Vosene always reminds me of clean hair. Plus having 2 daughters with long hair at Primary School, this will help to keep at bay the dreaded nitty lodgers!
  • Kelly T.
    My household would love this little selection of hair goodies. I have two booys that smother their hair in gel every morning. One girl with thick locks that insists on using half a bottle of conditioner per wash and another daughter that avoids a hair wash at all cost!
  • Julie
    My children would love these
  • Cara
    I would love to win this, really love vosene!
  • Becky W.
    Ihave personally used vosene for years (i am now 32) and now my children use it (3 and 10)
  • Chris R.
    cat is on my bed
  • Julie H.
    Vosene is just what I need for my family of girls ! ( My husband has no hair so he wont be able to share it ! )
  • lisa b.
    oh this stuff is a must have in my family we would be lost with out it
  • Jayne K.
    Lovely range for kids
  • Brenda C.
    Please enter me – my little boy loves hair gel!
  • Hazel R.
    I'd love to win! Please enter me!
  • georgia
    Ide love one of these !
  • Colette
    Vosene is most definitely the smell of childhood!
  • Elaine H.
    this would be perfect for my daughter x
  • Heather W.
    Would love to win. Please count me in, thankyou.
  • Sarah T.
    Please enter me - love the smell
  • Gary H.
    these smell lovely
  • Deborah M.
    great giveaway x
  • Stacey G.
    Would love to win this, would replace all the shampoo my 2 year old loves to pour in the empty bath!
  • ann c.
    Great prize hope I'm lucky
  • lisa s.
    Brings back childhood memories when I used to have a bath on a sunday before going to bed early for school.
  • Joanna S.
    Count me in, please :)
  • Stacey S.
    oooooh vosene is the best smelling shampoo ever!!! reminds me of being a kid this is all we used!
  • Helen C.
    Have loved and used Vosene for years. It smells so clean and leaves one's hair likewise. The detangling spray would be great for my grandchildren! Fingers crossed!
  • Suzanne s.
    Reminds me of a sunday night,having a bath ready for school,many moons ago now
  • Katie B.
    My boyfriend is such a baby when it comes to hair products. These would be perfect for him.
  • jeanette b.
    a prize thats head and shoulders above the rest .. whoops wrong company ... !!! i would love to win as my 2 rascals aged 4 and 6 would really enjoy this prize ..
  • Melanie W.
    3 Grandsons stay every Fri night...bath and hair wash..these would be great. they're 18 months ,2 years and 3 years...keeps us very busy on Friday night
    Great prize would love to win
  • Michelle R.
    I remember the medicated smell of vosene on bath night - it signalled the end of the weekend and an early night for school in the morning
  • Emma W.
    Brillint prize for my family! The detangler could be exactly whats needed in my household! Thanks!
  • Allan
    Thanks for the giveaway, please enter me.
  • Jane
    Would love to win
  • Clare W.
    I love Vosene! Buy it for the smell! :-)
  • Ally M.
    Great giveaway - would love to receive this as would help with my ever decreasing budget. Great for the kids!
  • Andrea U.
    Great prize, would get the kids clean! Thanks
  • Deborah B.
    Can i enter the draw please? :) I love Vosene!
  • Pauline A.
    this would be great to use on my daughter especially the Detangler Spray on her very long hair
  • Katy R.
    Complete blast from the past, didn't realise it was still available. I will always remember the smell of it.
  • Judith L.
    Great prize, would be thankfully received if I should win
  • Joanne
    What a fantastic prize pack - so useful, as I get through so much with my five year old, who will only let me use Vosene Kids xx
  • Helen S.
    This would be great to win my kids love Vosene.
  • Corrin
    Love the smell of Vosene!
  • Laura
    My 3 year old would love this, would make a change from the same old baby shampoo
  • Steph
    This is the only shampoo that makes my daughters hair look shiny and healthy, would love to win xx
  • andi
    Aw, both my kids love this!
  • Hazel C.
    thanks for the fab giveaway! :)
  • stuart p.
    This would help to stop the tears when it comes to washing my childrens hair.
  • Sue R.
    Vosene is brill for my daughters sclorisis (spelt wrong!)
  • Lisa
    I remember Vosene, the smell takes me rightback to being a kid, would love to win one of these for my 2 girls to try, they both have long hair & the youngest's is extremely tangley ( if that's a word!)
  • Peg E.
    Would love to win some of these, my kids would love them, there bright and interesting and maybe would take their minds of the fact Im doing their hair, would definitely make things easier for me :-) x
  • Abby
    Ahhh vosene, with a small baby, a 2, 3 and 11 year old it always does the trick and the detangler works a dream on their beautiful ringlets!!Pick me! Pick me!! :)
  • Miss S.
    I would love to win this prize, my boyfriend uses all my shampoo's xx
  • Lindsey W.
    Please enter me, with 4 under 8 I need all the help I can get! thankyou xx
  • Amanda J.
    Would love to win this. As i love Vosene products.
  • Cathryn
    smells great and brings back some childhood memories xx
  • Michelle K.
    Fantastic Giveaway :0) This would be fantastic for my little boy, who hates getting his hair washed! Maybe the lovely bottles will encourage him to let me wash his hair without hassle x
  • Elena
    I would love to win one.My son now is 2 years old and I still use baby shampoo, this would be nice changes for him and maybe we will fall in love with vosene and would choose this brand when wuld do our shopping for sons hair care!
  • Kal S.
    Vosene replenishes your hair with 24/7 with a wonderful and scintilating feeling of radiance !
  • emma j.
    what a great prize!!! my little girls hair is so long we always use these products to keep "nasties" at bay as rife at her primary school!
  • Afshan Q.
    Takes me back. Mum used to use this on me!
  • Nicole S.
    Would be fab for my daughters hair, always tangled! =)
  • Sarah M.
    These are excellent products as I already use for my son and having a stockpile would definalty save me some pennies!
  • Rebecca D.
    Vosene always reminds me of being little, My Mum always used it on our hair
  • Donna
    i love vosene
  • Susan W.
    i haven't used Vosene for years but it's one of those lovely evocative smells that reminds me of happy times after bathtime as a child.
  • Sarah W.
    I love Vosene products and find them really good for the children. My children often come home with headlice and I have read that the Vosene shampoo is apparently good for headlice protection ? I would love to try it out on my children.
  • michelle m.
    what a lovely set, my two boys are always experimenting with different hairdstyles, these also remind me of when I was small, my mum always used vosene on my hair,always on a sunday ready for school monday.
  • Andrea K.
    love to win !!
  • Sarah W.
    A Family favourite from 30years back, extended range keeps me coming back.
  • suan w.
    The smell of Vosene takes me back to my school days
  • Ellen S.
    Vosene is brill!
  • Stuart O.
    Didn't look this trendy when I was little!
  • Greg
    Hairy stuff
  • catherine g.
    Love the smell of vosene, reminds me of being a kid
  • Theresa
    Nice shiny hair with this - would love to win
  • Yvonne C.
    Would love to win this for my girls, with long hair they go through a lot!!
  • Jade
    Oooh wow, this would come in really handy with all the beach trips and baths every day. Kind to your hair! x
  • Sharon B.
    This would be great for my kids :o)
  • cali
    love it, smells lovely and medicine like, just as it was when i was little
  • Andrea J.
    Love Vosene and use it on both my kids :)
  • Jodie S.
    Fantastic comp thanks so much
  • Richard h.
    Id love to win this for my boys!
  • khadija
    reminds me of when i was a kid it was one of the few shampoos around
  • lindy h.
    I love vosene
  • kelly b.
    Hi, i got an email to say I'd won, but have misplaced it aaarrrggghhhh, please can you email the email address i need to give my details to, ie full name, postal address etc many thanks
  • hayley w.
    love vosene use it for my kids and when i was younger used to love smell of adult 1 x

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