Vosene Shampoo Review

If you're like me then Vosene isn't a name you think of fondly when it comes to hair care. In the past, its anti dandraff shampoo has been great for the scalp but turned my hair to straw. So not something I think of with fondess.

Over the last year or so the brand seems to be putting a great deal of effort into its products. Coming up with new improved formulas, and ranges that we really want. I now absolutely swear by their children's 3 in 1 - shampoo, conditioner and nit repellent. It doesn't smell great but I use it on my own hair quite happily. Also their children's nit repellent spray in conditioner.

Now I've recieved their lastest improved products. Vosene Frequent anti-dandruff shampoo, Vosene Mediated original dandruff prevention shampoo and Vosene 2 in 1 anti-dandruff shampoo and conditioner.

Here's how my family got on.

First I'd like to mention the design of the bottles, and this goes for all three products. The lid covers the entire of the top of the bottle, and it is easy to unclip (I have arthritis in my fingers so that's important to me) but at the same time it is really firm, and clips back into place. The lid itself is robust and solidly built. As a result, unlike other shampoo bottles at a similar price range, I didn't have to fiddly trying to open it, the lid didn't break off, and no liquid leaked out. I really have to commend Vosene for this design.

Vosene 2 in 1

I'm starting with the shampoo I liked the most out of the three sent to me. This is the Vosene 2 in 1 anti-dandruff shampoo & conditioner 250ml 1.99 at Tesco).

We use a lot of 2 in 1 hair cleansers. So, while I did find that this one still left my hair a bit dry, that's pretty much par for all of these types of shampoo. It has a fresh, orangey smell that I wasn't in love with but didn't dislike it either. My husband really liked it.

Overall it did the job well, and the results were good. If you need to use an anti dandruff shampoo, and what something you can use frequently, then I'd definitely recommend this one. As would my other half.

Pros: reduces dandruff without ruining your hair

Cons: if you don't like orange then you may not like the smell

Overall verdict: 9/10

Vosene Frequent

The Vosene Freqent anti dandruff shampoo 250ml1.79 at Tesco) is also promoted for daily use, and has a mild action. It's designed for sensitive scalps and has a light fragance. I found this much more pleasant too.

The shampoo was definitely much kinder on my scalp than the 2 in 1, but it wasn't as nice on my hair. It cleaned it thoroughly though, but didn't leave it shiny and I prefer that. My hair is really fine though, and my husband, who has much thicker hair, didn't have the same issue with it.

It’s pH balanced, dermatologically tested, and contains Zinc Pyrithione to help fight dandruff when used regularly.

Pros: light on your scalp, lovely fragrance

Cons: left very fine hair a little bit too dry

Overall verdict: 7/10

Vosene Medicated

I was probably predisposed to dislike this as a shampoo from the start, just because it has the word medicated in the title. Nothing good ever comes with the word medicated! The Vosene Medicated Original dandruff prevention shampoo 250ml (£1.79 at Tesco) is, like the other two, for daily use. It also claims to work from first use.

If I'd read the bottles properly, I should probably have tried this one first. But I left it till last, with bad memories of previous Vosene products in mind.

On my hair I found it pretty much the same as the Vosene Frequent. I think that if you've had dandruff and want to avoid it in the future, then it is probably well worth trying. It does have that medicated scent though! Not something that I would enjoy using/smelling every day. So that's hugely off putting to me.

Pros: works well on dandruff

Cons: scent and does leave fine hair a little dry

Overall verdict: 6/10

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  • Valerieno1

    i started useing vosine medicaited last year my head was itching all night bits of dandruff in my hair i have never had  dandruff  in my life  i am so embarrassed i wont go out  teally fed up 

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