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3 June 2010

obsession "We're not selling it to you at full price! NO! We're not even selling it for half price...we're giving it away FREEEEEEE" (although you will need to pay the P&P!)

I don't get very excited about handbags, shoes or designer clothes but perfumes....?  Well NOW we're talking!

HalfPricePerfumes are giving away a 7ml handbag size bottle of Calvin Klein's 'Obsession Night', which normally retails at £5.99, for FREE although you do need to pay the delivery for it (which is £3.95).

I love this perfume and I'm becoming a BIG fan of handbag-sized versions of my favourites because it means I don't have to lug around the big bottles, can have a quick spritz when I'm out and about and also I can pack them in my hand luggage when I fly as they are well under the 100mls maximum liquid limit.

The blurb for Obsession Night says it's...

"A fragrance taylored for the young, sophisticated and vivacious woman. This delicious fruity blend of citrus, fresh flowers, sexy vanilla and elegant amber captures the warmth and intensity of the night and the woman who shines."

If that's you, then scoot on over to Half Price Perfumes pronto!  Just enter this code at the checkout: FREECKNIGHT (and dont' worry that it looks like they've upped the price from £0.00 to £5.99 - I've run this through the checkout process and it all works fine).

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