Baby Freebies: QV Skincare Samples

Baby Freebies: QV Skincare Samples

qvsampleYou can’t beat getting something for nothing, so how do you fancy getting your hands on some FREE samples of QV Skincare?

Unless you’ve been down under to Oz, it’s unlikely you’ll have come across QV Skincare for babies before. 

It’s the Aussie’s favourite moisturiser and is often recommended by dermatologists there, it was recently launched here and free samples of QV Skincare are up for grabs.

It’s was developed to help treat skin issues and maintain its health and, let’s face it, if it can do the job under the fierce glare of the Aussie sun and their climate then it’s going to have no trouble with our UK skin!

They product range includes bath oil – which is great stuff in general, if you’ve never used it before then definitely try some if it’s included in the free samples!

There’s also cream in a tube, or cream in a tub, skin lotion and body wash if you really don’t like the idea of the bath oil.

I have no idea whether you’ll get a sample of everything or just some of the QV product,s but I’m pretty sure that they’re going to be up to the job of looking after and nourishing scrumptious delicate baby skin.

Thanks to Headingley_Lad at HUKD


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