Teachers Face Abuse From Parents - And Kids

Teachers Face Abuse From Kids And Parents

Sixty percent of teachers say they have been abused by parents of the children they teach - and even by the kids themselves - within the past 12 months, according to Sky News.

Now I have to warn you that the details are pretty sweary - I might be easily shocked but my mind is boggling at the idea of kids or parents directing nasty comments towards teachers, but the examples cited in the Sky report take 'nasty' to a w-h-o-l-e new level.

Sky reports:

"School staff are facing sexist, racist and homophobic comments, as well as offensive remarks about their appearance and competence, according to the NASUWT union."

One of the examples references a teacher who was called um, the equivalent of a female dog, by a parent for making her child do PE without her inhaler. And that's just one of the ones that I can repeat.

Good grief, I'm wondering whatever the heck happened to good old fashioned manners? And what about the idea that we should respect those in a position of authority, even if we disagree with their actions?

I actually find teaching my kids respect a pretty challenging aspect of parenthood. They're always respectful towards their teachers, obviously, but I'm regularly surprised by some of the things they repeat at home, which I presume they pick up from other kids whose parents might not be such sticklers for the R-word.

And while I get that this is part of parenting and that it's pretty routine for kids to test the boundaries and try breaking the rules within the safe confines of their own family, I wonder if this is some small reflection of how little respect we give to the notion of respect as society these days?

It also drives home, for me, that teachers are pretty much gold-plated saints. I wonder if teachers of the future will be trained in how to cope with abuse from kids and their parents, and whether stats like this put people off becoming teachers?

What's your view? And if you're a teacher, have you ever experienced anything like this?

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