Review: LED Hut Halloween Bundle Pack

Halloween is a big deal where we live. And I mean a BIG deal. The shops are full of decorations and spooky treats from before the summer has really ended, and people decorate their houses almost as much as they do at Christmas.

All of which means that you can end up parting with a lot of cash for what is essentially an excuse to eat a lot of sweets. So when LED Hut asked us to review their Halloween LED Bundle Pack (£9.98, reduced from £35.99) I’ve got to admit I was pretty delighted at the thought of saving some money and saving the planet at the same time.

Led Hut Ltd supplies LED products to customers throughout Europe. Over the past year LedHut has replaced over 900,000 standard lights with Energy Saving LED Lights, resulting in total customer savings of over £3,500,000 which has led to the reduction of over 3000 tonnes of carbon emissions. So theoretically, changing your lights to LED lights could help save you money and save the planet.

But how did their Halloween bundle stack up?

The Halloween Bundle contains:

1 x    LED Multi-Colour Changing Pumpkin - 7 Different Colours - 7.5cm X 7.5cm
3 x    LED Halloween Projector Lamp (a Frankenstein face, a Pumpkin Face, and a Flying Bat)
2 x    LED Burning Orange Flickering Candles
5 x    LED Pumpkin Face Illumination Balloons with mini LED's inside.

Happily, batteries are also included for each of the items. Which is fabulous because there is almost nothing worse than cracking open items to be reviewed by children, only to find that you've got to trek to the shops for batteries.

One of the things my kids enjoy most about Halloween is getting to light real candles to put inside our pumpkins after we’ve carved them. In comparison, the LED Burning Orange Flickering Candles just didn’t quite hold their interest in the same way. It’s a great idea that you put these inside a pumpkin instead of real candles, and the flickering effect is pretty cool, especially if you’d prefer not to have real candles around kids, but my kids seemed to feel that they were missing out when I suggested using these instead of tea lights.

However they DID love playing with these candles at bedtime, using them to cast shadows on their bedroom wall and attempting to keep reading after lights out by smuggling these under their duvets!

The most popular item in the Halloween bundle was the illumination balloons. With mini LED lights inside, they seem fascinating to kids and kept mine entertained for a good hour. Eventually, though, they wanted to take the balloons apart to find out how the lights inside them worked! The balloons would prove popular at the front of the house on Halloween night too, I think.

The colour-changing pumpkin lights and projector lamps were also good fun, although we thought they the pumpkin lights were a little on the small side.

Pros: Fun and original.

Cons: I'm not sure battery-operated LED lights really hold the same appeal for kids as candles and matches at Halloween! I wouldn't have paid £35.00 for this, and £9.95 is still pretty pricy when a box of matches and some tealights are so cheap.

Overall verdict: This is a fun alternative to conventional Halloween decorations, and it's bound to keep kids amused and entertained for a while. I don't think Halloween is the right time to introduce kids to LED lights though - my kids want to light real candles and go outside with sparklers at this time of year. I'd rather introduce them to the benefits of LED lights by replacing the bulbs in their bedrooms and talking about carbon emissions. At Halloween they just want to have fun in the dark, and for older kids that means matches and candles.

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