Pregnant With Quadruplets At 65...

CaptureI'm sure the 9 year old daughter of a woman in Germany who wanted a younger brother or sister wasn't the first child in history to persuade her mother to actually go for it and have another baby. I'm less sure, however, that the 65 year old and her 13th child guessed that this new sibling would actually end up being quadruplets.

According to Bild am Sonntag, a Sunday paper in Germany, the mum-to-be was initially shocked... well I never. I think most of us would be shocked at the news of quadruplets, irrespective of how many we already had, but at 65 - I'm surprised the news didn't kill her.

Now, I can hear my grandmother's voice in my head saying 65 is still a "spring chicken" but I'm not so sure.

‘After the doctor discovered there were four, I had to give it some thought to begin with,’ she said in an interview with Bild.

I can't imagine having 13 children, and 7 grandchildren, never mind throwing another 4 in the mix. And I can't help but wonder which of her children might end up raising these four.

Apparently the pregnancy had so far been without any major complications and that if everything went well, the babies were due in the summer.

Well, I wish Ms. Raunigk all the best, and as much as I enjoy motherhood and adore my children, I think rather her than me!

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