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reallyRachel This week PlayPennies loves...Really Rachel.

My three children range in age from 16 to four years old; the older two were traditional hospital births and 16 and 15 years ago I was happy with this - this is what I wanted.

At 20 weeks gone with my youngest I knew I didn't want the same again; he was born at home and I'd recommend a home birth to anyone!

Rachel has a very new baby, also the youngest of three, and he was also born at home BUT...the midwives didn't arrive in time and the new addition was delivered by his dad and you can read the story of his arrival HERE.

It's enough to bring tears to my eyes; I know there's a special bond between all parents and their new babies but how many dads can say they were father AND midwife on that day?!  By the way, this isn't the first time Mr Rachel has delivered one of his children!

If you love detailed family stories, and everything baby and toddlers, then you'll enjoy Really Rachel.

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