Why The Names We Give Our Children Can Affect Their Adult Lives

What's In A Name?

How did you choose your baby's name? Family connection, inspired by a character in a film or book, or a name that mattered because of its meaning?

Whatever compelled you to pick the name you chose for your child, it might interest you to know that new research reveals that the names we give our children can have a lasting effect on everything from the career path they choose to where they live as adults.

The Daily Mail reports:

"According to studies compiled for the latest edition of PBS Digital Studios' BrainCraft series, the act of writing our names over and over again throughout our lives can result in something called implicit egotism – a kind of obsession with the letters and sounds involved in our own names." 

Apparently the more we write the letters in our names, the more we like them, which results in us being drawn to "places, careers and even people" that "have a link to the letters used in our names".

It's called the name-letter effect and if can even affect what we choose to call our children.

So what do you make of this research? And do you think your name has had any bearing on the choices you've made as adult, or even on what names you chose for your child?


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