We Love Pink's Answer To Her Daughter's Questions About Her 'Squishy' Tummy


I'm late to this party but I just love rock star mama Pink's reaction to her daughter's questions about why her tummy is so 'squishy'.

On her Twitter account, Pink wrote:

"Willow said to me the other day whilst grabbing my belly "Mama-why r u so squishy?" And I said.."b/cuz I'm happy, baby."

God love that woman. I wish I'd thought of something half as celebratory to say when my lads used to ask about my stretch marks and less-than-toned 'mummy tummy'.

What do you say when your kids ask questions about your body? If they comment on specific elements of your post-baby body, do you find yourself apologising for the so-called imperfections, or are you more inclined to celebrate the way that motherhood has marked you?

We'd love to hear the questions your kids have asked, and how you've answered them.

What do you think?

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