So Now The Dad Bod Is A Thing (Good News For Fathers Everywhere...)

21 May 2015

The Dad Bod

Er, I hesitate to ask this, but have you heard of the 'dad bod'?

Apparently this article called Why Girls Love The Dad Bod has been causing something of a stir online, provoking quite the debate.
BBC News - in a piece called 'Why slightly flabby middle-aged guys are suddenly sexy' - reports:

"Young women are getting into the "Dad Bod" - but some think it's a recipe for laziness - while others are calling for a celebration of the female equivalent."

Similarly, the New York Times reports:

On average, dads are 10 pounds heavier than non-dads; they’re carrying nearly an extra two inches on their waist; and their bellies stick out an extra half-inch.

Call this fatherly self-satisfaction a result of diminished expectations: When asked their ideal weight, dads volunteered a number that was five pounds heavier than what non-dads did.

And fathers seemed to be making no particular effort to fight the dad bod. They were no more likely than non-dads to say they had tried to lose weight in the last year, with 70 percent saying they hadn’t.

Now apparently you don't have to be a dad to have a dad bod, and critics are arguing that this whole 'dad bod' talk is sexist and demeaning to men. Meanwhile, others say we should be similarly celebrating the mum bod.

We'd love to hear your views on this one. Does the man in your life have a dad bod and, if so, does that merely add to his many charms?

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