Celebrity Mum Of The Year: The Battle Of The Katies, Round Two

26 February 2015

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The nominations have just been announced for 2015's Celebrity Mum Of The Year, and there is more controversy this year than ever, even before the winner has been picked.

There are 10 celebs nominated, but the only ones anyone is talking about are the Katies - that's Price and Hopkins in case you were wondering. Both of these (ahem) ladies were contestants not so long ago in the car crash TV that was Celebrity Big Brother, and they came out of it in 1st (Price) and 2nd (Hopkins) place. Both seem to provoke extreme reactions, with most either loving or hating them. But whatever you think of them as celebrities, this competition is about what we think about them as Mothers - and that is even more interesting.

Katie Price is a questionable role model for girls, with her Page 3 and glamour background, but she has a fan base who argue that she is also a strong business woman and that the 'Jordan' she created is a completely separate persona from the dedicated Mum of.. hang on, does Bunny make 5?

Katie Hopkins is the woman who dropped out of reality show (surprise, surprise) The Apprentice, and now  seems to be some sort of self appointed twitter judge on the looks and behaviour of the entire female population. I'm trying to be polite and balanced, but I doubt very much I am worthy of a Hopkins rebuttal so I guess I can say what I like. No, I'll be very Un-Hopkins and hold my tongue. If you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all. ;)

What do we know about these women as Mothers? Not an awful lot I suspect, so are we to place our votes based on whether we would want them to be our parents, or our children's parents? What we think of Katie Price and Katie Hopkins as role models is the only way we can really 'judge', as none of us have observed their parenting.

Thankfully there is another Katie on the list as well, Katie Piper, the former model who is known for her charity work for burns victims, and has done much to increase awareness of this cause and violence against women.

The other nominees are a little less controversial than the first two Katies, and you can see the full list of the nominees for Celebrity Mum Of The Year 2015 here.

In the mean time, how about giving us your opinion in our own poll. Which Katie would you vote for?



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