Brelfies: Would You Post A Breastfeeding Selfie Online?


You've heard of the selfie, now prepare yourself for the brelfie. Yes, breastfeeding selfies are actually A Thing.

Speaking personally, I have no desire to share snaps of my baps with the world, baby attached or not, but it seems that sharing belfies online is an emerging new trend among mums.

Don't believe me? Here's how the Mirror puts it:

A woman has appeared on national TV championing the ‘brelfie’ - the breastfeeding selfie.

Emma Taylor says posting such snaps on social media is a great way of celebrating special moments with her two children.

Appearing on ITV’s This Morning, the mum-of-two was quizzed about why she shares the breastfeeding pictures online. 

Hitting back, she said: “Why not? I don’t just post breastfeeding pictures.”

“You can’t see a lot because the baby is in the way,” she says before asking if it’s OK for girls to flaunt their flesh in newspapers and magazines, why is a little bit of breast not OK?

This follows an appearance by mum Ellie Gordon (pictured) on Sky News, talking to Eammon Holmes about why she posts photos online of her breastfeeding her baby, Bluebelle.  Something of a debate has been raging online and in the media ever since.

As ever, the Playpennies team are divided on this issue. On a personal note, I wouldn't intentionally share pics of such a private moment (not to mention an intimate part) online. I'm not overly prudish, and I'm all for breastfeeding (I fed all three of my babies until they weaned themselves) but it's just not something I've felt compelled to do. Different folks, different strokes, as the saying goes.

I am also pretty sure I'd struggle with the multi-tasking required to pull off a brelfie whilst feeding my baby, too. Inevitably I'd drop my phone on the baby's head and probably end up inadvertently squirting milk into her eye.  It might make a pretty awesome action shot but seriously, those are pictures no-one needs to see.

And what about the fact that what we share online theoretically lasts forever? I'd be worried about how my babies might feel about a brelfie they'd unwittingly starred in, once they were old enough to stumble across them online. I just don't think my sons would thank me for that.

What's your view? Are you a fan of the brelfie, and if so, why?

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  • Emmamed
    ive got nothing against seeing these pictures, its a natural thing, even thought I could never bf myself, but did express for 6 months with my last 2 children. the only thing that is off putting in this photo is the breast pump attached and seeing the nipple, that isn't natural!

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