Parents Get Tattoo Of Their Daughter's Birthmark

27 February 2015


Helping your child handle anything that marks them out as different from their peers is a challenge for any parent.

But one couple have taken that a step further by getting a tattoo of their little girl's birthmark on their own legs. We're not talking a small tattoo either - these stretch from thigh to ankle.

The Mirror reports:

Tanya, along with her husband, Adam, from Grimsby, both chose to have the tattoos to duplicate the strawberry rose birthmark that covers half of their little girl’s body.

Housewife Tanya said: "Most people might think it’s very extreme but to us it was the natural thing to do to ensure our daughter never felt different or alone in the world."

This took my breath away; it's not something I would necessarily consider doing but I thought it was an incredible gesture. The couple paid for one another's tattoos - Tanya bought Adam's as a Christmas present, and he returned the favour for her 40th birthday.

No matter what you think of tattoos, there's no denying that this is a pretty impressive parenting choice. It reminds me of similar stories I've heard of parents shaving their heads when a child loses their hair through chemotherapy. A friend of mine has a similar tattoo to the little girl in this story, and she's of the opinion that the child will grow up to feel truly accepted for who she is, and to be appreciative of what a significant expression it is.

Would you do something similar for your child? Or if you have experience of helping a child cope with something like a notable birthmark, do you have any pearls of wisdom to share? We'd love to hear your views on the topic.

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  • clairlinda30
    Im 37 and have a birthmark on my right leg, its just below my knee. I remember as a teenager I used to cover it up as I didnt like it. But now it doesnt bother me. The onlu thing that upsets me is when an adult sees it and asks what is it. Children I dont mind as they are just children and ask questions, once they know it doesnt bother them. Mine is no where as big as this little girl and im lucky my daughter doesn't have one, but I would of tried to do something if she did x

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