Next Withdraws Babygrows From Sale Over “Penis” Drawings


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Father of twin girls Shane Gallivan was feeding his daughters when he noticed an unusual shape on their sleepwear. After recovering from his "shock", closer inspection discovered they were covered in “penis” drawings and he promptly contacted Next, who after receiving complaints from another customer, withdrew them from sale.

What’s your thoughts on this one? An over reaction by parents or a mistake on Next’s part? Does your daughter have these and will you continue to dress her in them following this?

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  • marzipan1982
    OMG! This is a ridiculous over reaction! Nowhere on that baby grow can I see a ****! If you squint your eyes a bit you could maybe see the slight outline but I think this man has simply seen an opportunity to get his name in the papers and gone with it! Ridiculous!

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