H&M Online Promotional Codes: £5 And 25% Off

H&M Online Promotional Codes: £5 And 25% Off

H&M Online Promotional Code 5 pounds off and 25 percentUse these H&M online promotional codes to get £5 off your order, and a discount of 25%. Both of these codes have been around for a few months now, but they both worked OK today. As there's no expiry date, I've no way of knowing how long they'll last though. But they make a great combo, so use them if you can and need to.

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  • Discount: £5 and 25%
  • Minimum spend: £6
  • Discount codes: 1304 and 8964
  • Expires: unknown

To use the codes, you will need to go to the Shopping Bag page, and then to Checkout. Then you'll need to log in or register if this is the first time you've used the site. Finally, on the Checkout Info page, enter the codes one at a time in the Discount Codes box.

I tested the codes out on two items in the sale. A boys Natural White Jumper, reduced to £7.99 from £14.99 and a Rugby Shirt, reduced from £12.99 to £9.99. This came to a saving of £10 over the original sale price. The first code took the total deduction up to £15, and with the 25% off this came to £17.50. Overall, with the delivery of £3.90, my order came to £14.38.

Thanks to dzieju from HUKD for the £5 code!


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  • mark b.
    just wanted to say thanks lynley, worked a treat.
    • Pete
      thankyou, got 2 pair of combats for 21.38 delivered! they would cost more in primark!
      • Lynley O.
        brilliant, so glad it helped! I only stumbled across these codes purely by accident. Thank goodness for stores forgetting to switch promotions off :)
        • rebecca
          Loved these codes, saved me £14 :)
          • Indy
            thanks soo much saved over 15 pounds not only in sale! a couple of tops and a skirt and is arriving soon, also found a free delivery code but has expired now so cant share with yoou xx :):):):)
            • Lynley O.
              the code is still active! wow. Thanks for letting us know.
              • Moomoo123
                1304 still works, a year on!
                • LynleyOram
                  £5 off at H&M still active, ACE! thanks for letting us know Moomoo123
                  • krishpriya
                    8964 not working///
                    • LynleyOram
                      ah well a year and a half was a good run!