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1 January 2011

FunMum Maternity Use this code for FunMum Maternity to get 10% off your order. That might not seem like much but this code works on sale items. Woo hoo! Selected items are reduced with between 25% and 70% off.

Click here for 10% off at FunMum Maternity

  • Discount: 10%
  • Promotional code: FUNMUM10
  • Expires: 31st January 2011

To use this code, go to the Shopping Bag page and enter it in the Promotional Discount code box. The discount is applied automatically to the order.

I tested it out on a pair of classic indigo jeans that had already been reduced by 25% from £49 to £36.75. This reduced it further by £3.68 (nice that they round up and not down). Delivery charges are ££4.95. So in total the order cost £38.03.

I'm not pregnant so I didn't take it fully through checkout. I do remember though how important my pair of maternity jeans were when I was pregnant. I bought three pairs actually, two were cheap pairs I bought from a cheap clothing hight street chain, and one pair were from a more upmarket specialist maternity shop that originally cost £40 (however, I got them second hand so only paid £6). In my experience, buying from a specialist maternity brand was worth every penny as they were a fantastic fit, and dead comfortable. And I continued to wear them long after my son's birth.

The two cheap pairs though turned out to be expensive mistakes as I wore them probably a handful of times at best!

Thanks to millarcat at HUKD!

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