Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands £1.98 @ eBay Seller: efashionheaven

Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands £1.98
Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands £1.98 @ eBay Seller: efashionheaven

I love the Summer but as a curvier woman I dread one thing... the inevitable chub rub!

If wearing a dress fills you with dread too then why not grab these Anti-Chafing Thigh Bands to wear under your clothes, they are genius!

These thigh bands are brilliant at stopping your thighs chafing during the warm weather. Wear them under a dress to protect your thighs.

They are available in several colours and sizes and are stretchy too. They are lightweight and a great alternative to wearing shorts under dresses which can make you much more uncomfortable.

Get them for just £1.98 a pair from eBay seller efashionheaven.

Home delivery is just £0.99.


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  • Tamsyn G.

    These are what I was telling you about !

    • Anne-Marie C.

      :joy::joy: any good love :wink:

      • Chelsea C.

        Mine arent that bad anymore! :joy:

        • Nikki T.

          im buying these ahahah x

          • Lisa M.

            Woo hoo.....

            • Yasmin P.

              think we need these

              • Chris G.

                Chub rub :joy: who comes up with these things

                • Jac P.

                  :joy::joy: ideal man :ok_hand: anything is better than chub rub

                  • Sarah W.

                    Wow very good idea :thumbsup_tone1:

                    • Nicole P.

                      I know I saw them on the tele anaw I’m definitely for a set :joy::joy: xxxxxxx

                      • Jamie B.

                        Yeah, i use the phrase chub rub cos that’s what it is! Stop being so disgusted about things :rolling_eyes:

                        • Jamie B.

                          And at no point does this post shame women for anything hun!!

                          • Nicola M.

                            O it for when your leg rub together :joy: just read it :joy::joy:

                            • Lisa D.

                              Nah don’t get those ones! You need real knickers xx

                              • Shelley M.

                                One thing I don’t suffer with mate xx

                                • Lorna F.

                                  Gonna be needing these soon

                                  • Lewis R.

                                    Have to remember what's offensive to some isn't to others... I don't like the words chub rub however I can also see how some would find it to be 'jokey banter'

                                    • Claire C.

                                      Hey I’ve got mine ordered :joy::joy::thumbsup_tone2:

                                      • Kirsty M.

                                        Thought we weren’t ever going to mention it! :unamused::joy:

                                        • Jenna Y.

                                          Need these !!:joy: Hate chub rub !!