Where To Buy Pie Face Showdown In The UK Christmas 2016

Where To Buy Pie Face Showdown In The UK Christmas 2016

Want to know where Pie Face Showdown is in stock right now in the UK? You've come to the right place. The links below will let you see where it's currently in stock and also which stores have a deal on the best prices.

Pie Face Showdown is one of this year's must-have Christmas games, which means it's going to be top of lots of wish lists this Christmas.

Popularity of those kind of toys and games can push the prices up, which makes it difficult to get hold of stock at reasonable prices. Don't pay over the odds, though - bookmark this article now to make sure you get the best price when it's stock.

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Pie Face Show is a family-friendly game that is sure to end in laugh-out-loud fun. You load the arm with whipped cream or pop a wet sponge (supplied) on it, and then each player places their chin on the chin rest. Then, on the count of three, each player presses the button nearest to them to activate the hand on the throwing arm.

Who will move the arm nearest to their opponent first? Once the arm gets too close to a pie thrower, it'll pop up and splat the nearest player. The player who doesn't get pie-faced wins!

This game is meant for two players and it suitable for children aged five years and older.

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