What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Presents

What To Do With Unwanted Christmas Presents

In an ideal world we would all be happy with each and every Christmas Present we receive but it's just not the case. Even though we smile at the giver and assure them that we love it, sometimes we just don't. It's not even about being ungrateful, there are some things that just are of no use... like me and and a size 10 mini bodycon dress. What does one do with those gifts that just aren't for us?

Be Honest

A lot of people keep receipts for the gifts they buy just in case they aren't right. Tell the 'giver' if it's not your colour or size.

Swap It With A Sibling Or Friend

Got given make-up or perfume that is way too out there for you? Perhaps it's something that a friend or sister would wear. How about an exchange? No-one need know.

Sell It

Not one that will go down well should the 'giver' find out. It's a popular choice though. Have you seen eBay* on Boxing Day? Just don't list it on a Facebook Selling Page, as that's one way of getting caught.

Give It To Charity

They say it begins at home, but you can't beat the feeling of donating your unwanted items to someone in need. Women's Aid, Children's Hospitals, Charity Shops and others, often cry out for 'new' or 'nearly new' items to sell on or to help others.

Keep It To Re-Gift

This is a tricky one and if like me you have a memory like a sieve... DON'T DO IT! You will only go and give it back to the person who gave it to you. Trust me the outcome is not good.

Bin It

This is extreme, not to mention wasteful, and only for gifts that you cannot return, sell, or give to charity. I mean who wants a Willy Soap?

Figure Out A New Way To Use It

I was once given a really tarty top by an ex-boyfriend that I cut up and used as dusters. I waited until we were no longer together to do so... I am not completely heartless.

We are dying to know what you do with your unwanted Christmas Gifts. Let us know in the comments section below.

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