The VW Campervan Tent Review

I don’t think that there is anything cooler than a VW camper van except, quite possibly, the VW camper van play tent from The Monster Factory. This tent is the epitome of cool and available in both pink or blue for £54.99. The price may sound hefty to you, but this has to be one of my all time thumbs up, yes-let’s-get-it Christmas gifts of all time. Why?

The VW Campervan tent can be used indoors, it can be used outdoors and it can be used all over the darn place as a play tent or even a real tent – weather permitting, of course. The tent comes stored inside a very nifty bag that’s shaped exactly like a VW wheel complete with hubcaps and images reflecting off it.

Now I am not great at building tents in spite of years of practice so I was not sure how well this relationship would work out. Apparently quite well. You pull the tent from the tent bag, you allow it to open and it pops up into the shape of the VW Campervan. Then you pop in the poles – there are only four – and while these are bit fiddly, they are just as easy to get in and make the tent more robust.

The actual fabric is waterproof with UV protection which makes it fine for outdoor play and while I am still not sure if you could actually camp in it when the weather was dodgy and weird, I am pretty sure it would hold up beautifully when it is warm and dry. I am definitely going to try that out. I am also drooling over the adult sized tents that come like VW Campervans and even a tube train from the London Underground. This website is like a crazy, amazing candy store.

The VW Campervan tent for kids is decently priced for a well designed, solid and robust play tent that is strong enough to cope with really rough play on a huge variety of surfaces. We’ve tested this on stony beaches, soft beaches, grass, mud, gravel and carpets without the fabric showing any sign of wear. Now, for me, this is one of our best Christmas gifts. The price is high but the cool factor matches for a toy and play area that will last for years.

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