Tracking Santa Site NOW OPEN @ NORAD

Tracking Santa With NORAD

We have that cheeky little Elf on the Shelf keeping his eye on us, but who is watching Santa? You can with NORAD - that's the North American Aerospace Defense Command.

If ever there was a website to make you and the kids feel Christmassy, it's Norad with it's games and the explore the North Pole section. The traditional sounding Christmas music is pretty awesome too.

You can't track Santa Claus and his lovely Reindeer until Christmas Eve but get the kids excited with the countdown and the fun festive activities.

Come Christmas Eve you will be able to sit down with your hot chocolate and watch Santa as he delivers presents across the globe.

My eldest son's belief in Santa is starting to diminish but I reckon that tracking his movements with the 'North American Aerospace Defense Command' might just keep him for one last year.

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