The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

Plus Where To Find The Best Deals!
The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

Christmas isn't complete without a chocolate advent calendar to countdown to the big day with!

There are so many to choose from these days from a cheap and cheerful character one to a luxury one from a high end chocolatier, the choice is endless.

We have rounded up our favourite Chocolate Advent Calendars for 2018 and where you can find the best deals for them. Why not bookmark this page as it will be updated regularly.


The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

As a child I always remember being allowed to choose an advent calendar from Thorntons one year. It sticks out for me because I remember it being a really expensive place to buy an advent calendar from in the 80's rather than a supermarket!

Well that's not really the case any more thanks to their 5 for £20 offer*! You can choose from 5 Christmas gifts or advent calendars for just £20. Plus they can all be personalised too. Calendars range from £5 to £7 each so you can save a fair bit.

Choose from the White Chocolate The Snowman Advent Calendar* (£5) The Gruffalo Advent Calendar*(£5) or the Large Chocolate The Snowman Advent Calendar*(£7) plus many more.

Hotel Chocolat

(UF) The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

If you are looking for the ultimate in luxury then the range of Hotel Chocolat Advent Calendars does not disappoint! They have something for everyone from the Up To Snow Good Kids Advent Calendar* for £8 right through to The Grand Advent* for a whopping £68! Daily surprises include Salted Caramel Vodka, crackers filled with pecan praline and the award-winning Cocoa Gin.

Check out the full collection HERE*.



I love the selection of unique chocolate advent calendars that Debenhams has to offer each year. They can be a little on the pricey side but if you want to push the boat out then check these gorgeous buys out:


(UF) The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

Supermarkets are always a great place to get inexpensive advent calendars fromA supermarket that has lots of gorgeous chocolate advent calendars to choose from is Sainsbury's. Here are a few of the best ones, check out the full range here*:

Tesco Groceries

(UF) The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

Tesco have some gorgeous advent calendars to choose from this year. I mean how amazing is that After Eight Big Ben! Here are the rest of our favourites from Tesco


(UF) The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

You can already shop the advent calendars at Morrisons this year and there's a scrummy selection to choose from!

Waitrose and Partners

(UF) The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

As you would expect Waitrose and Partners have some lovely high end chocolate advent calendars for us to enjoy. Here are a few that caught my eye:


(UF) The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

Asda have just released a few of their advent calendars onto their website but the whole selection will be available from 8th October. You can check out their selection here*.

They have the awesome Smarties Advent Calendar* and for sweetie fans the Haribo Advent Calendar* is a great buy. You may be able to find more in store already so take a look next time you are doing your food shop.


(UF) The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

B&M is a great place to shop for advent calendars. They tend to have the Kinnerton character range for £1 or less plus lots of unique calendars. Last year they sold a Bailey's Advent Calendar for just £5 plus a Reece's Pieces Advent Calendar for only £4.99 which we have already spotted in store!

You can't purchase from B&M online so you will need to head to your nearest store. However keep an eye on this page* to show you all the advent calendars you can expect in store.


The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

You can certainly expect some luxury with the advent calendars at Selfridges*! Here are a few of my favourites:

Sweetie Advent Calendars

The Best Christmas Chocolate Advent Calendars 2018

If chocolate isn't your thing and you prefer a sweet treat then take a look at these sweetie advent calendars:

  • Haribo Advent Calendar*£5 at Tesco
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