Star Wars / DC Comics Christmas Jumpers £29.99 @ Studio

Star Wars / DC Comics Christmas Jumpers £29.99 @ Studio

Looking for a really different Christmas Jumper? These Star Wars and DC Comics designs are pretty special, and will definitely stand out from the crowd on Christmas Jumper Day! There's no Santas or Snowmen here - just Darth Vader, Yoda, Superman and Wonder Woman with lots of festive flourishes!

There's several designs to choose from, and these are all online exclusives with Studio, meaning that if you prefer to shop from the Studio catalogue you won't find them in there. All are priced at £29.99 each.

You can get Yoda or Darth Vader Star Wars designs, a choice of two different Superman ones, Wonder Woman, and even a Harley Quinn as well. There's also a rather wonderful Adventure Time Christmas Jumper, though that does seem a little random in there with the Star Wars and Superheroes.

Although these are Men's Christmas Jumpers I see no reason why Ladies couldn't wear them too, so if they take your fancy then go for it! I know my husband was after a Star Wars jumper last year, so I'll have to show him these, and I'm quite taken with the Wonder Woman one myself!

If you are new to Studio you can use the code 040 to get free delivery on your first order, otherwise deliver charges for existing customers are £4.95 per order.


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  • Andy S.

    I want the superman and harley quinn one!:heart_eyes:

    • Tammy B.

      These are cool

      • Jen S.

        They're cool :sunglasses:

        • Nicola O.

          I want a wonderwoman one

          • Graham M.

            My xmas jumper this year lol xxxxxx

            • Stephen S.


              • Kieran C.

                Am all over that green yoda one!!! Belter!!!

                • Steve T.

                  Ha ha fab!

                  • David P.

                    Already got the bottom left one :joy:

                    • Andy H.

                      Star wars

                      • Ross H.

                        Want all of them lol xxxxx

                        • Karl Y.

                          Yes please

                          • Cat M.

                            I need to start my own Christmas jumper collection!

                            • Luke F.


                              • Katie C.

                                I HAVE to get one of these for Xmas!!!!!!xxx

                                • Mike G.

                                  Yoda :D

                                  • Nicola S.

                                    I need the green yoda one in my life!

                                    • Lucy M.

                                      oh wow !!!!!!!!!!!!!