Star Wars Blankets/Cushion/Rucksack From £6.99 Delivered @ Little Bird

Star Wars Goodies From £6.99 Little Bird

Star Wars is everywhere just now thanks to the new film. If you kids are caught up in the Sci-fi phenomenon then get over to Little Bird where you can find some really great deals. They have Star Wars Blankets, a Cushion and Rucksack.

Here's what you can get:

  • 38% off the Four Square Character Fleece Blanket now £6.99 delivered (usually £12.99).
  • 38% off the Darth Vader Fleece Blanket now £6.99 delivered (usually £12.99).
  • 35% off the Darth Vader Rucksack now £15 delivered (usually £22.99).
  • 33% off the Darth Vader Cushion, £9.99 (usually £14.99). Plus £3 postage!

Normally, with Little Bird deals, you buy the offer and they email you a code the following day to redeem on a third-party site. With these you don't have to do that as they are sent out directly by Little Bird.

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