My First Songs Wii Game Review

18 November 2010


When I heard about the game My First Songs for the Wii I was immediately entranced. My daughter utterly loves singing. I had to get this game. It comes with a Logitech microphone and it takes about three seconds to set everything up.

You can use the Options screen to fine tune the microphone to your child’s voice and set the volume, or turn off the lyrics. Or you can just dive straight in and go to Karaoke.

There are about five screens to flip through with songs on each screen that animate and start singing when you hover the cursor over them. I must admit that my daughter did find it a little tough at first. The scrolling lyrics and bars distracted her from the song. I think they made it look more difficult than it actually was. This is not a design flaw, there is no other way you could do it really.

When you start a song, the lyrics scroll from right to left and highlight as you are to start singing them. The bars that run across the screen above the lyrics change colour as they hit the singing point – if you hit the note they can change colour and you get points, if you miss the note they turn red.

At the end of the song you get a score. It says it’s for kids aged 3-6, but I think those who can read would have more fun really, and the animations are fabulous, especially for Twinkle Twinkle Little Star. My daughter adores My First Songs and I have to say, so do I. I have about ten videos of her singing away happily into the microphone with a huge smile on her face. Awesome Christmas present.

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