"Santa Is Coming To.." Books £1.60 Using Code @ The Works

"Santa Is Coming To.." Books £1.60 Using Code @ The Works

The Works have just cut the price of the whole range of "Santa Is Coming To.." Books so that they are half price, but add the code VKING20 and they drop even further to just £1.60!

These are beautiful hardbacked books that tells children the story of what happens when Santa visits their home town. The stories mention local areas, and the pictures show landmarks and buildings from the area, both inside and on the cover.

These are gorgeous books for children, and it's wonderful when they can recognise places in the story so that it makes it special for them.

I have never seen these books at such a great price, so it's well worth snapping one up.

The Works sell 117 titles in ths range, so although they won't have everyone's town it's worth a quick check to see if they have yours at this price.

They're priced at £2 each online, so remember to add the code VKING20 to get that £1.60 price.

Click and collect is free of charge, home delivery costs £2.99 or is free when you spend £20 or more.

Thanks to Louryry


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  • Michelle H.

    Don't have glasgow or Scotland

    • Becca D.

      they've an Aberdeen one xxx

      • Sarah M.

        That's really cool. Will go and have a look xx

        • Becca D.

          There's no Dumfries or Scotland one tho haha typical xx

          • Sarah M.

            Aberdeen is out of stock :weary:xx

            • Becca D.

              Aw noooo :weary: xxx

              • Rachel G.

                I have a Scotland one

                • Rachel G.

                  you can get them on eBay for like £3

                  • Becca D.

                    Oh grand lol eBay here I come hahaha xxx

                    • Becca D.

                      Bought :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes::joy::joy: xx

                    • Kirstie B.

                      if u order Scunthorpe one to the shop it's 80p

                    • Cara-Louise M.

                      If ur kids live in Scotland (excl Aberdeen) santa isn't coming then? :rage:

                      • Cheryl M.

                        My sons a Scotland one

                        • Ashley H.

                          I have a dundee one x

                          • Karen H.

                            On eBay they have Scotland and fife.

                            • Paige L.

                              I have fife one xx

                              • Kerry S.

                                It's advertises aberdeen but they don't sell them. They have Dundee though

                              • Lizzie W.

                                look they do do them for all towns! Look at the pictures they are all different. I love it! X

                                • Claire T.

                                  I have a Glasgow one and my son loves it :heart_eyes::heart_eyes: xx

                                  • Carly P.

                                    Gutted there's no Bristol one :(

                                    • Karen M.

                                      I know no Scotland ones apart from Aberdeen!!! I know the card factory had the Glasgow ones

                                      • Kerry S.

                                        There is Dundee ones

                                      • Debee B.

                                        £1.00 one line wanted one for bromsgrove none made but they carnt do everywhere

                                        • Claire R.

                                          There is a Worcestershire 1 which mentions bromsgrove in it

                                          • Suzie C.

                                            The Worcestershire one mentions bromsgrove and surrounding areas

                                          • Claire T.

                                            not sure if you have them but there is a Solihull! I got the Glasgow one a few years ago and it's lovely :grinning::heart_eyes: xx

                                            • Elaine M.

                                              order one of these for xmas eve!:hugging:

                                              • Oliver M.

                                                Belfast is the closest I can find

                                                • Elaine M.

                                                  :rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes::rolling_eyes: Northern Ireland?!

                                                  • Oliver M.

                                                    It's city's

                                                  • Lyndsey B.

                                                    Wooo will have to go have a look :)

                                                    • Kristy P.

                                                      Tried to do click and reserve but says there's no works in Loughborough. I'll have to nip down

                                                      • Sarah O.

                                                        I love these books we have Santa's coming to Shrewsbury (where I'm from) Telford (where we live) and Scarborough where my in laws live my eldest loves them it's not just christmas she asks for them either lol

                                                        • Annaliese G.

                                                          Just used the code got 3 books should have been £10 had them for £8

                                                          • Danni R.

                                                            thanks bargain and a lovely keepsake for every xmas xx

                                                            • Katie M.

                                                              Not sure if they have your town but it's free collection from the store and such a good price :) xx

                                                              • Leona D.

                                                                So Santa isn't going anywhere within Essex then??? I really wanted to get this for my girls but clearly Santa doesn't like us. :unamused::unamused:

                                                                • Carley P.

                                                                  Do you have to pay post and packaging?? Xx

                                                                  • Carley P.

                                                                    I've just seen bargain im getting it thanks xxx