Review: Organic Baby Bath Products

baby_bubblebath The Method Christmas Baby gift set is a delightful organic package for only £12. It’s always annoyed me that if I want to use products that are pure and organic with no nasty environmental side effects, I have to also be prepared to pay a fortune.

Fortunately,  when I sent out a call for organic products that delivered value for money the first package that arrived this one, costing a mere £12 for three enormous bottles of goodness.

In the Method Christmas Baby gift set you get body lotion, hair and body wash and bubble bath. All of the products are biodegradable, contain no parabens, ethoxylated compounds or animal by-products and have never been tested on animals.

When you first open the set you’ll be captivated by the smell. Oh man, it’s delicious. The ingredients include rice milk andbaby_bodywash mallow (yes, like marshmallow) and are 99% plant derived.

The hair and body wash come with a cleverly designed lid that you can use to rinse the soap from their heads. There’s a neat little hole on one side that narrows the water flow and makes your life a little bit easier. It isn't excessively foamy, limiting in-the-eyes syndrome, and one small squeeze comfortably cleaned an entire head of hair.

I adored the feet on the bubble bath as it meant I didn’t have to go through the usual rigmarole of trying to balance the bottle on the narrow shelf of my bath. I wish more companies would pay attention to details like this. Unfortunately, perhaps because we have very hard water, the bubbles weren’t great and my toddler was disappointed by them. Fortunately the scent more than made up for it.

baby_bodylotionThe body lotion is wonderfully non-greasy and absorbs beautifully. Like the body and hair wash, a little goes a long way so these bottles will last you for quite some time. The body lotion also has a lockable lid so it can travel with you without leaking. I took it along on a roadtrip to Cornwall and not a drop escaped.

I was impressed with the size, the design and the ethics behind the Method gift set and would really recommend it. It’s a lovely Christmas present or just perfect for any soon-to-be mummy that you would like to spoil. The products sell individually for £5 so the price of £12 for three gets you £3 off when you buy the gift set as a whole.

You can grab Method products from Waitrose and most major supermarkets or just visit them online.

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