Random Acts Of Christmas Kindness - Come And Tell Us Yours

Random Acts Of Christmas Kindness

A cash-strapped single mum who was worried about how she'd afford to pay for Christmas this year has told the Daily Mail that a stranger posted an envelope full of cash through her letter box.

The paper reports:

"Claire Rock, 44, had been fretting about Christmas due to major money worries and feared she wouldn't be able to give five-year-old John the presents she felt he deserved. However, the stunned mother-of-three then returned to her home in Cumbernauld, North Lanarkshire, last week to find that a mysterious stranger had left her the £100, complete with a touching note."

I love this story. I know there'll be those who disagree and think a mum who can't afford to pay for Christmas ought to address her money worries without relying on hand-outs from strangers but I don't care - I simply love that someone cared enough to put their hand in their pocket at Christmas to help make it special for someone else.

What's more, the mum in question said the stranger's generosity had inspired her to consider volunteering to help those less fortunate than her during the festive period. If that's not proof that good deeds can have a Pay-It-Forward ripple effect, I don't know what is.

Has a stranger ever done something like this for you at Christmas? We'd love to hear what the kindest gesture is that someone's shown to you during the season of goodwill. Come and tell us all about it over on our Facebook page.

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  • mrsanderson138

    My random act of kindness has been inviting people we dont know to join us for Christmas dinner. A few people are coming so far :). 

    • admin

      Wow that's a lovely thing to do. How did you go about asking people? 

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