Pixum Canvas Print Review

25 November 2010


Of all the canvas systems I’ve used, Pixum has to be the easiest of the lot. It didn’t overcomplicate things, it took literally a few clicks, and my image was ready to go. I chose a very bright and colourful image to go on the canvas print – it’s the lizard you can see above, here.

I had a budget of £50 which was to cover the canvas print and its postage and packaging. Pixum have quite a few different options available to you, including an awesome new Acrylic Print option where your print is placed behind a thick acrylic glass plate and you get free mounting.

I really liked that idea but £34.49 only got me 8x12” and the next size up, 12x16” was £54.49, out of my budget. It sounds fab but is quite costly. So I chose a 16x24” canvas print for £44.49 which cost £4.99 to ship.

The image itself came out beautifully. It didn’t fall off the edges in annoying ways and hadn’t lost much brightness in the printing. It is slightly darker than I had anticipated, but I know how fiddly colour can be and how my screen can say one thing when the reality is something else entirely.

I also love the size. The other thing I appreciated was the speed of delivery and regular updates. As soon as I’d ordered it, I was told when it was coming and how long it would take. Personally I find this canvas is better than the others I’ve reviewed as the actual material is smoother and less grainy. However, that is very much a personal thing as my husband feels the reverse.

For this price I think it makes a lovely, well thought out present. Take a look at Sarah’s ideas for truly funky canvas prints here. The final product is below, sadly out of focus as my camera is broken, but you get the idea.


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  • Felicia P.
    Hi Tamsin, Thanks for the great review. I'm actually not happy with the printed quality of the colours and feel it does not represent the original image as well as I would like, so I've asked my colleagues to reprint the canvas print for you, in hopes of a better outcome. Let us know what you think when it arrives. Regards, Felicia @ Pixum
  • Tamsin O.
    Wow, thanks Felicia. I am looking forward to seeing the difference.
  • Harriet
    How did the reprint canvas come out. Must admit it looked dark on your photo of the canvas. I've used http://www.fotoviva.co.uk in the past and have been really happy with the result.

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